Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

All eyes are on Suki

What will the trade winds blow in? – Yes, business isn’t exactly booming, but a working girl still has to look her best for the passing trade.

All eyes on Suki – Fuck skiing in the freezing snow! I’m staying indoors right by the heated pool with the hot blonde.

Birds of a feather – I guess that when blondes are shit on they just take it as a natural part of life.

Suki on the beach – I’ll just get my hair out of the way of the sun’s bronzing rays, shall I?

I like to be on top – And I like my towel to be worth lying on too.

Listening to the sea – Don’t interrupt me while I’m on my mobile, please.

Octopussy – These waters are deadly, if you’re a guy with a large penis!

Close inspection – I hope she gets every grain of sand out of my cunt one way or another.

Three together – I’m caught in the middle of a supermodel threesome. Do you hear me complaining?

Bitches take the back seat – We’re just having a natter. We’re not fucking each other so you can go away.

It’s magic – Sex can be a bit of a cat and mouse game, can’t it? Pumpkins have their uses too.

Trust me to get the graveyard shift – I’m going batty, hiding in the cemetery like this.

Yeah, a little bird told me – So I’m passing the news directly on to my entire list of contacts.

I like to crow about my successes – I know where I come in the pecking order.

Cover me in cum – Six guys could never be enough ...!

Team building – ... when you can have the entire football team!

Cover me with mint sauce – I’m a cute little lamb and my friend is about to eat me up. Seems fair.

Covering all my options – I’m not taking any chances. If the apes win the war, this guy has promised me a penthouse apartment.

Suki is Queen of the Jungle – My new boyfriend is a lion among men!

Wanna come upstairs? – I can be very entertaining when I make the effort.

Sucking practice – Everything I do, I do for a purpose.

China Girl Suki – You want order number 69? Give great satisfaction and happy end!

I’ll soon whip you into shape – Or maybe the other way round, if you prefer.

No escape – Now I wonder what these three guys are after.

Suki gets a thorough whipping – My only consolation is that we had a whip round in the audience afterwards and it proved a nice little earner.

Future vision – This may not be so far off the mark if the religious right get their way.

A slave to the toilet – There must be a better future than this surely.

Pert pussy – Pussy power must prevail.

Bisexual by right – Individual freedom  must be paramount although that should not include the right to draw slightly plump Sukis.

Dream curves – Curves are good but fat is not.

Dildo darling – Fucking in tennis shoes is a right worth preserving.

Kiss your pussy – Even Gingers should be allowed to keep a pet Suki.

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