Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

As blonde as it gets for Suki

Who dropped the blonde bombshell? – Oooh, my brain is hurting from the sheer strain of being blonde and walking, both at the same time!

Out for a stroll – I’ve forgotten to put on my skirt again, haven’t I?

Come in, Number 23 – OK, big guy,  I’m impressed. So fuck me!

You came upon me – Fill me up, guys. I could use an oil change too.

Statistics don’t lie – I’m glad that I’m first in the queue.

More black cock on offer – Not everyone wants to fuck me. How weird is that?

Withdrawal symptoms – Even one day without dick and I’m on edge!

Suki always pays her debts – I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go!

Contrasting fortunes – Not everyone is as up-front and honest as me. I guess what goes around comes around.

Suki’s bathtime – Luckily the blonde hair colour leaves me immune to any nasty thoughts or suspicions.

Cop out – I’m going to have to arrest myself for being too sexy. Oooh, that was a long sentence.

Hippy chick – This purple ribbon should hold my brain in place, for a while at least.

Like to see me dance? – Fortunately it doesn’t require any brain-power to flash my tits.

Going out of my mind – I never said we could share sex toys. She will have to come quietly!

A magical encounter – Guy or doll, it don’t matter as long as we have sex and plenty of it!

Suki and Sue – Dancing is alright but I’d really rather fuck.

The plot thickens – Well, I never said my life wasn’t complicated, did I? Funny how it becomes more complex the more frequently I’m blonde!

I have a purpose – Keeping my rich boyfriend’s head sheltered and warm is my new role. In particular I must shield his bald patch from public scrutiny!

Turkish delight – Some guys will go to any lengths, won’t they?

I always get it the wrong way – Blonde me is just a disaster zone really.

Suki must burn – Luckily for me I managed to turn this situation around in the nick of time, not so much by logical argument but by being blonde and cute and, oh yes, fucking.

The dealer wins – I always lose at strip poker but then I win, so it’s good to lose, I guess.

No competition – I like a guy who understands my needs and gives me free rein to pursue them.

Mermaid me – You can call me “fish-cakes” if you want.

I’m the Queen of Hearts and Tarts – Do you think I’m overgilding the lily here?

Giving head – This seems to be working out in favour of both parties.

Ride me, cowboy – Those reins are in your hands, honey. Go for it!

Suki tries it on with Red – Central heating is such a blessing when it’s snowing outside. One would be frozen otherwise.

Let it go – No, I’m not talking about pussy. Hold onto that.

Making a connection – Oh, those double-headed dildos are great.

Sexually satisfied – Aaaahhh! A nice snuggle to round things off!

Plucking my heartstrings – Ooops! I spoke too soon. Even as a blonde I’ve got hidden depths, obviously.

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