Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Delicious Suki

Time for romance – One of those perfect moments when a passionate kiss seems the most natural thing in the world.

Which Suki – I feel quite magical. I’ve got a new broom for some recreational witchcraft!

What big hands you’ve got! – Although he looks like a big ape who could squeeze the life out of me this gorilla is a real sweetie.

You must eat regularly – My new boyfriend sure loves his food and it shows!

Be on your best behaviour – It’s all lies! I was the perfect waitress. I never did anything to tarnish a restaurant’s reputation. He’s making it all up to embarrass me!

Everyone has it hard – If I can play my part in raising the cabin temperature, why not? The crew deserve a treat.

Suki is scantily clad – My boss has seen me naked loads of times. Like every time he’s fucked me for a start!

Suki is delicious raw – This is my under-desk entertainment unit, also known as my boss.

Suki is a loyal employee – Office “work” is so diverse and interesting, isn’t it?

Sukitep can revive the dead – OK, she switched staffs on the way out to the garden and didn’t eat the apple because it was made of paper like the leaves of the tree. Everyone knows how it was done but the Pharaohs were so in-bred they couldn’t work it out.

Red Indian names – Ah, sex outdoors can be so refreshing, especially with strapping, young, half-naked men.

Underwater fun is interrupted – Well, what a cheek! I was having such a good time too.

Some hot and spicy ass – What is the point of having an ass-to-die-for if nobody touches it?

Big black cock is a must-have – I know I couldn’t live without my fair share.

Fucking Suki to oblivion – My boyfriend might as well get used to the idea. I’m gonna let other men fuck me when I need it.

Caveman cosplay – My boyfriend’s son is eyeing me up again. I’m fair game in this outfit, I suppose.

Suki gets things fired up – Is he gonna set my “miniskirt” alight? No, it’s all about revolving sticks apparently.

Making Suki hotter – We might as well get comfortable, I guess.

Cave fucking – And please my cunt he certainly did.

Suki braces for penetration – Now my ass is on the line and I’m looking forward to a thrilling drilling.

Bathroom action – Erections are my weakness. I just can’t stay away from them.

Suki sucks on the floor – One thing just leads to another.

My anus overfloweth – I suppose it all has to go somewhere.

Junior knows how to fuck – I consider myself well and truly ridden!

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