Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Don’t mess with Suki

Sorted – That’s shut her up! Nobody messes with a Suki. I mean I like tomato ketchup as much as the next person but some people would bathe in the stuff if they could!

It’s beef for tea – Do you like your steak off the bone, honey? I’m gonna cook it just the way you like it.

Vampire Suki gets it – I only wanted to welcome the guy to the castle. Maybe I shouldn’t have dressed so provocatively and wheezed at him like I did, but it was all those stairs.

I get the point – Do I cast a spell with these leaves or my tits? I’ve forgotten which.

The new girl – It’s nice to be admired, I guess. I wonder what they’re all thinking. That the new slave girl is a bit of alright, I hope.

Untie me – I need loosening up. Would someone be so kind?

I’ve got your back – I reckon we should look after each other in this situation. I’ve got a spike and I know how to use it!

Art for Art’s sake – It’s true – artists pay more attention to their creations than to their models.

Harem dancer – It’s a tough job being sexy all the time but someone has to do it.

Who is the real Suki? – There is just no substitute for the real thing!

Time for my close-up – Haughty is a look I can do.

Catfish cocktail – It feels like I’ve been lying here drinking since pussy was a kitten.

Horsing around – See horses – they don’t belong in the water like I do.

A fresh catch – I’ll be the judge of whose league I’m out of, if you don’t mind.

Seven to fuck – They had me surrounded, Sheriff. I couldn’t do a thing.

His Majesty’s Official Taster – It was the only excuse I could think of at the time. You know how cranky Henry can get with his women. The last thing he needs is a poisoned pussy.

The invaders – People can’t commune in nature minus their clothes without some religious nutters crashing the party.

A secret is revealed – Of course, I’ve had them both. What do you think?

Sweet teen Suki – I’m innocent of any wrong-doing. Honestly, officer.

Pool shark – My innocence lures them in and then they’re fucked.

Suki at the ready – It’s better to be warm and wet than cold and dry, I guess.

Suki, the quick change artist – I needed a change of clothes after all that exercise, but why did I change back?

It comes and goes – I guess I’m just feeling light-headed and giddy with so much action and everyone being so busy around me.

Let’s make out – There’s only one cure for me. A solid kissing session.

The perfect housewife – I would make the perfect partner with coffee, a cooked breakfast and everything for my “hubby.”

I’ve been naughty again – That’s it. Show me who’s boss, you macho hunk!

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