Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Everyone loves Suki, don’t they?

I need pussy – Any time, any place, anywhere I’ll never tire of slurping and fingering a juicy vage.

Crouching tigress – I’m poised to spring at any passing pussy.

Feeling hungry – A hot babe at feeding time is hard to beat.

Head over heels in love – Kissing a princess sometimes tests one’s acrobatic skills.

My magnetic cleavage – Extreme motorboating is such fun when you’re on the receiving end.

Navel gazing – I do wish she’d move a bit further down.

Captive audience – This girl seems to like what I’m doing.

Suki gets ready – Being seductively naked takes preparation, folks. It doesn’t just happen.

Seducing Suki – I’m always open to suggestion. A girl couldn’t be more amenable than me.

A pre-arranged call – He knew he would need to be rescued. I always want more.

A hot tip – I’m so sorry that I can’t take it all.

Perfect fit – This is an ideal penetration.

Where are my extra sheep? – My job as a shepherdess didn’t last long. The sheepdog told me I had 30 sheep when I knew there were only 27. In his defence I had asked him to round them up.

Do I have a choice? – This guy insisted that I dance with him.

A monster munch – He took a cheeky nibble when I wasn’t looking.

Meet me in the bushes – I much preferred dancing with this guy. I wonder why!

Under the waterfall – As if I wasn’t wet enough already!

Do you want this? – Tempted? Go for it!

Fresh air fiend – This was not the outdoor activity I originally had in mind.

Branching out – Bush on bush is quite a trial.

Let us spray – Oooh, that stings! Japanese businessmen always want something different, don’t they?

I’m a bad girl – Of course, I deserve this. I’m such a naughty Suki.

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