Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Fast and furious Suki

Rock chick – There’s no getting away from it. I’m a mermaid at heart with a lot in front of me.

Cool pussy – This is such a relief on a hot day – my favourite garden!

Cloak and shag her – Am I overdressed? Certainly my pussy is in yearning mode, just gasping for cock right now.

I’m going clubbing – Fancy a caddy-shag? Strike while the iron is hot!

Face to face – God, let’s fuck!

Two little mermaids – Yes, on dry land my fishy parts turn into legs. Who knew?

Suki wants ass – Blonde me is just as hot for pussy as dark-haired me.

I want you naked – The pool area is my ideal hunting-ground. Hotties abound!

Ideal girl – A cold drink, hot food and a hot pussy – what more could you want?

Hot waitress – I can improvise when I have to. I had to tell them the Bratwurst was off, though. You have to draw the line somewhere!

The exploitation of women begins – Yes, one thing leads to another. Tell me about it!

Suki is reserved – Okay. I’m flighty. Get over it.

Suki plays her part – Modesty isn’t really my thing, folks.

Suki has done it all before – I’d recognise that technique anywhere. I’ve been around the block a few times, I have to admit.

He wants me pregnant – My roving eye may soon be roving again!

I’ve been unfaithful again – But it was only with a vegetable, honey!

I must swallow it – Cum belongs in me, not on the floor. Got it?

Across the generations – Good cock allied to wealth is so hard to find.

Beer makes you strong? – So he wasn’t prepared to fight for my honour. And he implied I have an over-large cunt. Well, the over-large cunt is him!

Five shades of grey – I began writing when I was still a teen and I’ve never really stopped since.

I’m comfy – I think I shall just curl up here and be sexy!

Big mushrooms – And they’re not all that’s big around here.

He looks up to me – This guy may be tiny but he kisses me so well.

Underground adventures – It’s almost a tradition for guys to rub up against me in the Tube.

Intimate moments – I love to service couples but I guess wives aren’t always up for it.

Naked or sexy – Yes, undressing is often more sexy than simply being naked.

Girls’ night out – It’s not just us girls who go wild when let loose.

State of Texas – It’s a state of mind too.

Suki Bunny – How can this bunny serve you, honey?

I’m a happy bunny -  I hope you are too.

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