Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Gorgeous Suki

Sexy Suki – Oooohh! I’d better run my fingers through my hair so people know that I’m sexy.

Girl talk – Teenage girls may talk about boys a lot, but it’s so much simpler when we just have sex with each other.

I’m a must-have – Come into my faux-oriental boudoir and screw me.

Lap dance – Drinking Champagne off this girl’s butt is my idea of a good time.

Let’s make the best of it – Since we’re all tied up anyway we might as well just fuck.

A prisoner – This guy is going to take advantage of me, isn’t he?

So near and yet so far – He’s left me both tantalised and frustrated.

So fuckable – Yes, that has been said of me. I’m not going to argue.

Miss Suki is a hit with kids – Well, children do know what they like, don’t they?

Caught in the shower – I’m naked and wet again. There’s a novelty!

Sexy Suki says – Would you rather ride me or the bike? It’s a rhetorical question. I already know the answer.

Ride me, then the bike – That makes sense, doesn’t it?

I must not spill – That’s it! Yummy! Fill me up!

Lovely jubbly – Keep it coming, honey!

Suki is innocent – Me? A prostitute? No way! I’m just someone that men take advantage of.

Night nurse – And if guys don’t avail themselves of me, I encourage them.

Welcome to the Mound of Venus – I just happened to be standing here with my friend beside me. The fact that we’re both almost naked doesn’t make it my patch or anything.

We’re a double act – If that’s what you’re into.

What’s not to like? – This is me. Take it or leave it.

Right lines – Are you trying to draw me out? You’re on the right lines.

Where I get my best ideas – They come to me when I pee. I must be releasing endorphins or something.

Back against the wall – I met this lady in the corridor and she just went for me. I’m sure I deserved it.

Expectant – Well, I’m ready for more sex now. Can you help me out?

Yes, you, honey – Your Suki wants you!

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