Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

It’s a pleasure for Suki

Suki’s sax games – Between blowing and fingering I manage to produce some horny sounds.

Oh la la – A little reminder of what blonde me gets up to. That’s at least seven inches, if you’re interested.

Reading on the edge – For that added thrill read “The Pussy Pendulum” while naked and perched high up.

A slave to pussy – So, my girlfriend loves to dominate me. And I love to be dominated, so that’s convenient, isn’t it?

Mouthwatering – We both love it when I’m munching on her pussy.

Avenger Suki – Whoops! I’ve gone all dominatrix myself for some reason. There must be a man involved.

All yours – Thank goodness! I’m totally soft and fluffily feminine again. I really must remember to shave my right armpit though.

Wonder what she does for a living – I’m wearing the uniform so there can’t be any doubt.

Lucky Suki – Being paid for what I love doing. That’s the secret of a happy life, isn’t it?

Really good news – While I love my aunt this wasn’t quite the good news I’d been hoping for. The bastard was never seen again.

Bedtime story – Well, I guess he got what he wanted most – a good night’s sleep guaranteed. I just wish he’d dropped off while I was reading something other than my life story.

Everything has a price – Some people are just born entrepreneurs, I guess. I wish he wouldn’t keep taking his 20 per cent though.

Like a good little lamb – Yes, I can be anything you want me to be.

You gotta be kidding – I think this guy needs his head examined as well as his dick!

Déjà vu – He’d done it four times for the price of one before I finally cottoned on. It was not one of my brighter days perhaps.

Suki in action – I love it when a guy gets a hard-on straightaway. It makes everything so much easier.

The gentle touch – Eating in the workplace is so fucking decadent, don’t you think?

A sex feast – It’s true – having sex does make me hungry!

Dinner is served – Luckily, it has the same effect on my clients.

Ooooooh! – Get in!

Watch and learn – Nobody should be above improving themselves. It’s important to learn things by following the example of your betters. In this case – way better.

Three spree – A guy can really enjoy himself when there are two girls to play with.

Out with the old – This new North American religion could really catch on. It’s a hit with me anyway.

Welcome to Suki Island – More lovely visitors for me and my look-alike girlfriends to give pleasure to. Sun, sea and sex for all!

Firey eyes – Who knew? Brown is my natural colour.

Cool as a cucumber – (That’s one straight from the fridge rather than one just extracted from my pussy!) I think someone may have enhanced me a little for this portrait.

What a doll! – Plastic girl or the real me? How can you tell the difference? (You can see the joins!).

Sex on the Beach – Guys try so hard to please me but they don’t always manage to get it exactly right.

Hollywood welcomes me – At least I get to take part in the after-show orgy, if not the actual movie.

Lesbian film casting couch? – I wish! But these are actually the applicants for a waitressing job. Yes, the competition here is that intense!

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