Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

More adventures with blonde Suki

Blonde Suki – Sometimes the street is the best place for me, but I’m so forgetful – I forgot to put on a skirt ... again!

I need a ride – This is the only way to travel – standing by the roadside just waiting to be picked up and transported to new adventures, which, admittedly, will probably involve me being fucked.

Hitching to go – This outfit and subliminal message ought to work for me.

No hitches – It really is only a matter of time. I’m certain of it.

The price is right – Sometimes I’m in the driving seat. And it’s good to know that I’ve got my pricing structure about right.

Hard times – Panties are a petit bourgeois restriction on those of us who are footloose and fancy free.

Downward trend – Still, I’m glad I was wearing my panties on this occasion. My boss does get so excitable from time to time for some reason.

Just in case – It’s a jungle out there but I’m more than prepared for it.

Time for a wiggle – The more, the merrier, I say!

Unfaithful bastard – I guess there are other possible reasons for absence. My Mom is so grounded and sensible about everything.

Clowning around – Guys are always up to their tricks, aren’t they?

Calling unannounced – Honestly, some people have no consideration for others!

Suki is hot in the garden – Yes, multi-talented, that’s me, though for some reason I always end up being fucked.

You are only as old as the young girl you feel – My natural talent comes to the fore once more.

At the movies – I’m so used to it I guess a run-of-the-mill fuck doesn’t even register with me sometimes.

One for the pot – The winner takes all in this game. I should stick to snooker, shouldn’t I?

Suki has pulled – Yet another guy succumbs to my charms! All my body parts come in useful at times like this. I really kneed him to come for me!

The missing trophy – This guy blew his chances with me as soon as he lit up his pipe. The exhaust fumes were just too much.

Blonde leading the blind – Oh, the hazards of bondage! Give me an old-fashioned fuck every time.

His Lordship tries pulling a fast one – The aristocracy are a crafty lot, but it will take more than a leaky condom to get me pregnant.

Music and whisky and a wild woman – A barmaid will encounter every possible scenario at some point for sure.

A safe place – My pussy acts like a wall-safe for any millionaire’s private assets.

Out of the frying pan – It’s because I is blonde, innit? Why do these things always happen to me? It can’t be Karma. I’m a good person. No, really, I am!

The 64,000 dollar question – Well, of course, I didn’t charge him that much, but a lot more than he was expecting, for sure.

Suki’s meter is running – Yes, there’s no escaping it. Pleasure does cost money. It’s a fact of life.

Suki, the crowd-pleaser – I really can’t sing, so I’m not sure why they booked me as a singer in the first place. Stripping and live sex – now you’re talking my language!

Two young ladies on a train – There’s just something about the railroad that gets me horny. It’s such fun to be fucked in a moving bathroom!

Suki gives best value – The level of competition in Paris is unbelievable but I reckon I gave the best deals on offer.

Old dogs learn new tricks – We all can’t be professionals at the top of our game but you’re never too old to learn.

Ever faithful Suki – I’m being stereotyped here, but I’m a good girl. Really, I am.

It’s because I is blonde, innit? – Well, I get disoriented straight after my brains have been fucked out of me. It’s only natural.

Wet pussy – You want cunt? You get cunt!

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