Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Nice day to fuck Suki

Nice day for a fuck – I think I’m sending all the right signals but this guy seems to prefer leaning against a tree. Trying to palm me off, eh?

One for each of you – They may not be aesthetically pleasing or look good in illustrations but they’re a must for me.

Sweet innocence – This is my “I’d-never-fuck-on-a-first-date” look.

The age old question – This mirror knows what’s good for it!

Any excuse to get me naked – As if an excuse were needed!

Desperate for dick – I think exceptional wealth goes to some men’s heads. They think they can have any girl ... Well, maybe they can, but it shouldn’t be allowed!

Fantasy and reality – Sometimes the two get blurred, especially with my vivid imagination. I should know better, I suppose.

A male specimen – Some guys are born with exceptional tackle, others have it made.

Suki is cornered – This happens to me so often. One minute I’m standing there looking sexy and the next guys start appearing between my legs!

Bad Suki – Actually, I’m not the one who should be spanked. This is soooo not my fault!

Bear hug – Gingers always have this effect on me!

Taking it in the ass – Oh, being a Suki can be such hard work. Yes, I do work my ass off sometimes.

One for the money – I really do prefer it in my pussy, guys.

Two for the show – The guy looked a bit off-colour but his dick felt good.

Quite a mouthful – My head is off-limits when I’m sucking your cock. I determine the rhythm. This is not mouth-fucking time.

Detonation – I’m perfectly capable of making you come without the need to head-fuck me.

Three for the price of one – See! Everyone can be happy.

I feel inflated – I always get bloated when a string of guys come in me.

Full frontal – OK, Mr Artist. So my tits are one of my best features, but do you have to make such a big issue of it? – It’s always useful to check out the competition.

Model sandwich – Well, one thing can lead to another, I guess.

Gorging on pussy – It’s nice to be around to witness a special moment.

Geisha Suki – Apparently presentation is all-important when dealing with Japanese men.

Geisha pussy – It’s also good to present your fellow geishas as well as possible.

My cunt-garden – Well, well, well! Deflowered and balled. Just another typical day for me.

Seducing Suki – Being naked in bed together is probably a good way to start, I guess.

Pseudo-romantic enthusiasm – Forget reality and just indulge in pleasure while you can seems to be a good message.

Cunt on cunt action – I suppose we brighten up the down-time for one another. I wish she would use the landing to get to my room though.

Horse sense – Finally, I work out what “yes” is in horse-speak!

Why do I look surprised? – Maybe he prefers the hay to me. But, hey, what do I know?

Equestrian antics – Much less spontaneous but just as exciting for me!

I’m a bad girl – Werewolves seem to like me for some reason. Happy Halloween!

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