Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Save it for Suki

Domesticated Suki – So, I vacuumed. It was a one-off. Get over it!

Reflections – Great wig. If only I didn’t have to hold it in place!

Waitress service – She was so good I just had to offer her a tip.

We want to pee together – When you both drink too much you have to get rid of it somehow.

Cooling down while hotting up – I’m letting my fingers do the talking as my tongue is otherwise engaged.

Shallow water fun – Sign language is so easy once you get the hang of it.

Taking it all in – I guess I have hidden depths.

Park bench sex – I wonder why he kept his hat on.

Frenzied bang – I think we’re getting somewhere.

Fuck with a view – I have to admit I couldn’t give a fuck about the view right now.

Stairway to heaven – He got me coming down as well as going up.

Ass it – I have expanded once again to meet the demand.

Taking one in the ass – I wonder if I’ll get it in the ear next.

Water temptation – Big breaths and then fuck!

Rough waters – I think he was getting impatient with me.

One in the ass – My poor anus cops it again.

Double the pleasure – I can work easily as part of a team and have excellent people skills. I guess that’s why there’s always a job for me.

Let’s meet in the middle – See what I mean about team work? A very demanding boss though!

Eating Suki – I think she knows deep down this is where she belongs.

Suki gets her orders – I’m happy to give as well as receive.

Ten per cent of Suki – I love it when my agent talks business with me.

At last you’ve found it – Now, don’t you dare move a fucking inch from that spot!

Cleaning duties – My boyfriend carries out his responsibilities assiduously.

The wall speaks to me – And tells me to just stand here and think of all the presents I’ll buy myself.

Tongue to clit action – It’s not just other women who know how to munch on me.

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