Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sensual sex for Suki

A call for reinforcements – Some guys just don’t have the staying power that we girls demand, so it’s good when someone can come on from the substitutes’ bench and take over when the need arises.

Suki’s choice – What do you think? Of course, I’d rather be fucked by fifty guys than whipped by one!

A lot to offer – My pussy is getting excited at the prospect of so many hard dicks coming its way.

The going rate – It’s not extortionate, is it? I’m a reasonable girl to deal with when it comes down to it.

Bohemian rapture – Usually I would just dance to earn a crust but I’m good at improvising when the situation requires it.

Feeling Randy – A little salsa dance gives me the excuse to paw this guy’s manly chest.

Flamenco Suki – A swish of my skirts and a stamp of my feet and I’m on a roll. I have a nose for this sort of thing, though obviously not on me at present.

Suki with bells on – I like to shake my baubles when I move to the music.

Suki’s shawls – I’ll do the dance of the seven shawls, shall I?

Contemplation in black and white – All that “dancing” has made me sweat. Time to cool down in a quiet corner, I reckon.

Having a friend for lunch – I need some nourishment to recharge my batteries.

Love in the drawing room – The rest of the afternoon was a bit sketchy but the sex was good.

Suki in red – That I’m-on-my-own-in-a-gay-night-club feeling and nobody wants to fuck me!

Caught in the act – Yet another potential threesome which didn’t work out, folks.

Someone is coming between us – This one seems to be going much better, for her at least.

Grabbed in the kitchen – I love it when a guy can be spontaneous and just fuck me where he finds me.

Grabbed underwater – I suppose we’ll have to come up for air sometime, just not right now.

“Don’t mind my brother,” he told me – I didn’t even notice he had a brother until the spunk started flying!

Bohemian Suki – Anyone fancy a “dance” with me?

Sunkissed Senorita Suki – It’s fiesta time and there is nobody who is better at partying than me.

I meet a fan – There I was getting my hopes up that he would spontaneously fuck me and all he wanted was my autograph on his guitar!

Nervous Suki – I’m just wondering where my next gang-bang will come from!

Suki in the red – I guess I’ll just adopt the position and wait for it to happen.

Suki half asleep – Hmmm! Nothing so far.

Fuck me today – I guess I’ll just plan my strategy and consider my various rehabilitation options.

Anal finale – Well, it beats playing the tambourine for a living, people. That’s all I’m saying.

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