Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki at her best

Blondie and Suki go ape – These guys were just little angels. They looked after us so well although we kept treading in their shit.

Suki boops – Sometimes I just can’t resist a boop-oop-bedoop!

Pink Pizza Girl – Some people just love their pussy to be garnished with pizza and beer.

How did my tits get round there? – Everything seems to have gone to my ass in this illustration. I’ve still got my tits somewhere, honestly, guys!

That’s him taken care of – Girl power triumphs once again. You’ll never beat a fighting Suki!

Love is ... – Guys like to think they’re in control so it’s best just to let them go on believing that.

Making his point – If only he knew that I want this even more than he does!

Double indemnity – Plenty for everyone to enjoy!

It’s a fair cop – I wonder where she’s going to stick her truncheon.

You’re mine, Blondie – The tables turned pretty quickly, didn’t they?

Tit squeeze – Just wait till I get this dildo into you, my girl.

You make me want to pee – Your kisses are so exciting I just have to wet myself!

You’re gonna have a hickey – What a delicious neck, honey!

Just the right fit – Yep, my tongue will go in there nicely.

Snog city – Well, we seem to know what we like.

She prefers my hair up – If my hair has to be combed back from my face, then I guess it will have to be. I’m sure it could be done more gently though.

I can take a punch – Some women just don’t like being approached by a lesbian, I guess. Alright, honey. I got the message the first time.

Somewhat the worse for wear – I might just be in trouble again, folks.

Saving Suki – I love to relax after a swim. This lifeguard is clearly intent on helping me.

Take a good look – Everyone can enjoy an uninterrupted view of my pussy.

Do I please you? – Tah-dah! I’m excellent value really.

Suki is out of this world – Oh, I just threw this outfit together at the last minute.

Red-eye – Try as I may I just can’t seem to get rid of it here.

The moths have been at me – What can I say? There are those that like to nibble me!

Moving target – Even when I dance I seem to be always caught in the spotlight.

Suki in Hawaii – Either you or the mountain had better erupt for me.

I’m just chilling, honey – A post-modelling session coffee is most welcome.

Fresh meat – I found these two in the freezer left over from the barbecue. Once they’ve fully thawed they should be alright to eat.

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