Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki has no shame

Mermaid Suki – I may be on the rocks but I’m feeling spritely. You can’t keep a good mermaid down. Why would you want to?

Human after all – And you thought I was a Goddess! Eat shit you porcelain dummy!

Something fishy for Suki – Who says you can’t play with your food? She’s totally edible and I don’t just mean the bottom part.

I’m fucked – Another dog planting his dick in my pussy. I suppose it’s what I’m there for.

Really needing to pee – Isn’t that always the way? When you are absolutely desperate to, you can’t!

You choose – Thank goodness someone blew me out before my ass exploded. I think they deserve a reward.

Yuletide pleasure – I know! I’m the ideal Christmas present. All I want is to be fucked!

A perfect fit – This is mouth to pussy resuscitation at its best.

The perfect combination – Banging my honey with a strap-on is great exercise for both of us.

Sleeping partners – Intertwined and mouth to mouth is my favourite way to sleep and it stops me snoring.

Fancy a threesome? – Our cunts are up for it! All cartoon males should apply at once.

The cavalry ain’t coming – I’ll let Gypsy enjoy this gang-bang on her own.

Hold on tight – I think some extra-curricular activity with this cutie, while Gypsy is otherwise engaged, is in order.

Feeling appreciated – You know when you’re a teen and an older woman covers you with kisses? Well, maybe you don’t, but it’s lovely.

Share my suds – I go all submissive for this predatory lesbian who found her way into my bathroom.

Silent chew – With my mouth full of gorgeous breast I’m on cloud nine.

Nurturing – Sucking nipples and being fingered! That’s just how I like it.

Suki suffers the thrills – Was I nibbling too hard? No, she just likes to hear my screams and see me quiver.

Mature pussy – She has me well trained. I’ll be licking her here for hours on end.

My kinda prison – Whoops! More torture! Serves me right for wearing down her clitoris.

Suki is sitting comfortably – But not for long! That strap-on will soon separate my wheat from my chaff! Ooooh! Can’t wait!

Spank me until I come – This redhead really loves to abuse me and I want it so bad.

Suki attracts trouble – Now her husband wants in on the act. He’s going to reduce me to rubble!

Gourmet cock – Well, if it’s good enough for Barney next door it will be good enough for him.

Suki mingles with the stars – This is the part I really love! Held firmly, my pussy squeezed against her, and rendered completely submissive. Heavenly!

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