Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is a devil

My kinda party – Well, when you move in certain circles you do get invited to these kind of things. I’m always willing to console any wall-flowers that come my way.

Suki is a little devil – Funny! For some reason artists normally draw me without the horns and tail. I guess this illustrator was after my essence.

The adjustment bureau – I love giving a girl a sexy make-over before unleashing her for public consumption.

Slave girl training – Public humiliation certainly can emphasise the Mistress-Slave relationship. The slave loves every minute of it, deep down. I can testify.

Shopgirl Suki – Well, fair enough, I suppose. At least he had a good excuse which is more than most guys have when they grab me.

Vivid imagination – I’m not stupid. I know that a lot of guys fantasise about having sex with me. They’re welcome to. Fantasise, I mean, of course.

The book is better than real life – The Kama Sutra, The Pussy Pendulum, both essential reading, I’m sure.

A boyfriend calls – Yes, he does have a lot to say for himself, doesn’t he?

My first silent orgasm – My usual screaming and moaning were absent, but it’s my poor Mom I feel sorry for.

Keeping sex in the family – I guess it was worth it  - not having to do the dishes after all!

Last second bale out – This is a true story, folks, except for the final sequence. We managed to get out of the combine harvester’s way in just the nick of time.

It could have been anybody – Well, it was more important to me that someone was fucking me than knowing who it was. Why get all worked up about minor details?

A test for Tom – Not to worry! He came back and fucked me the next day so everyone was happy about it and Jennifer never discovered a thing. Er, ... until now.

Evil on my mind – Well, mobile communication just makes it easy for little devils like me to get up to mischief!

Suki takes a shower – I’m such a dirty girl sometimes. I need constant cleaning – one shower after another all day long and I’ll still end up dirty!

Suki in Amsterdam – In fact, it was so boring in Amsterdam I didn’t stay with my Dutch girlfriend very long. Even I can get tired of being fucked all day and night.

A very long delay – At least most guys have the good manners to come after a reasonable period of time. This one hung on forever.

A massage perk up – Helping tone up this lady’s body was a real pleasure for me. I just adored her roundness.

Be a honey for me – Getting gooey is all part of the daily routine. My body is sweet to taste too.

A super massage from Suki – I guess I just have that effect!

Awakening those desires – What are men like! Really!!!

Welcome to Sukiville – Yes, I guess it’s true. All the hookers in Sukiville look like me!

A hefty bill – No, I’m not married. The desk clerk just made that assumption and who am I to correct him, especially when I have bills that need paying!

BDSM babe – I really am more comfortable receiving than giving but needs must.

Artist’s model – Yet again the proof. I just do whatever men tell me to!

The ideal secretary – So, fucking my way up the employment ladder was not a good idea after all.

Suki and the twins – One never truly knows the impact one has on other people, does one?

Arab Spring clean – So no more harem pussy for me, then! Bugger it!

Hotel v car – Seems like a fair offer.

You get what you see – Have I made you feel as horny as me? I hope so, people!

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