Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is as blonde as they come

I’m Suki, fly me – Yes, I’ve gone blonde again in another attempt to make myself more appealing to men. As an airline waitress I’m hovering and hoping for a positive response.

By hook or by crook – I’m going to get the money off him if I have to put the squeeze on those balls of his!

Gullible little me – Of course, I knew this was absolute tripe, but I enjoyed his hands on me while he was taking the measurement.

Accidents will happen – I’m completely innocent of any wrong-doing. Just standing by the shore in a bikini is not a crime, you know.

Fucked – we’re even – OK, this accident was my fault, but I think paying the fixed penalty was only fair in the circumstances.

A mirror can be your best friend – One should always consult one’s best friend before deciding on what to wear to go out. A best friend can also confirm that I’m still the fairest of them all.

I’m not in this issue either – What does a girl have to do to get her picture in this damn thing?

Blonde first night – As a teenager I learned real fast and I’ve been perfecting that knowledge ever since.

In my dreams all men are well-hung – Appearances could be deceptive or else I’m just an eternal optimist!

All-over tan wanted – Well, men are everywhere and they seem to be drawn to me like moths to a flame. I’m also pretty sure that at least one of those sheep was a lesbian!

Suki has to lie low – It’s not fair. I can’t get the variety I need if some rich guy is stifling me.

What is Suki worth? – Well, now you know my true value, and so do I!

Hot house flowers – Some guy at the top of the organisation thinks he’s real clever. I guess he is.

Suki entertains – Most guys wouldn’t complain if they found my panties in their soup.

A grope too far – No, he didn’t get off at the next station ( he’d already done that rubbing up against me!) so I never got the chance to flatten him.

Action girl Suki – Yea, I have a suspicious mind. The Elvis look-alike who followed me must have chickened out before he got to the roof of the train or else he fell off while climbing up. I never saw him again. Too many hamburgers, probably.

Suki is no angel – He had a point, I guess. Typical me! I let a guy undress me as if I’m on automatic pilot. I’m not generally known for putting up a fight, I suppose.

Twintastic – Blondie and I make a nice couple, don’t we? I feel a threesome coming on.

Blondes all at sea – Some guys were just born lucky, I reckon.

Be careful what you wish for – Of course, it’s the blonde hair that makes me behave like a complete imbecile! What else could it be?

I get the point – Why is it that my ass seems to have a target painted on it?

Wanna ride, honey? – So much power between my legs! It must be a metaphor.

Copper proof – Of course, he tore up the ticket. No policeman is a match for my intellect, even when I’m blonde.

Team work – I don’t really need help to drain a guy of every cum-drop but this brunette chick was so keen to help.

Milk and honey – Splash it all over! Normally, I’m lactose intolerant but I like to be creamy on the outside.

Blending in – One good pussy deserves another! That’s a mighty big bowl of Frosties to enjoy.

Second hand Suki – I think his wife still had a use for that rolling-pin after I left though.

Love me, love my dog – So, I admit it! I use my sex-appeal to get what I want. Do you really blame me?

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