Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is explosive

She’s ready to blow – So, I’m never going to work on a cruise ship again. This was my colleagues’ idea of a joke. Fuck them! It wasn’t funny at the time and it still isn’t now.

Never sneak up on a Suki – Instant justice for this prankster. You really don’t want to mess with me.

The sword of Suki – I may look sweet and cuddly but this sword is sharp, guys.

Boop-oopi-doop – Ooohhh! Back to being ultra-feminine again.

Piss on my tits – It’s a game we girls play. I’m not sure that I’m winning.

Afternoon clit – I think we’re both winning here.

Breast before – It’s nice to be stroked when you’re sucking.

It’s for my own good – I’ll suck so much harder next time.

Eat my pussy – Just how I like it.

Water tight – What a scrumptious face!

You little grinder – It’s miller time.

A kiss in time – Very tongue in cheek!

Making friends – Sea horse, ride horse, I’d say.

Beach bitch Suki – I’m ready for the waves.

“It doesn’t say anything about not fucking the lifeguard” – If that’s not listed it must be OK.

In my element – I’m just a reverse cow-girl at heart!

Busy beneath the surface – My left hand is working wonders for this guy.

She does the talking – And wrist exercises while I do the sucking. It’s a division of  labour that suits us both.

Drowning in sweat? – This is one possible solution.

One too many – There was real team spirit among us girls in Amsterdam.

Well-trained pet – The guy who trained this dog knew what he was doing. Can you beam me up, Scotty?

Girl talk – When we get together over a coffee us girls talk about nothing but sex, honestly.

“He likes ribs too” – The guy in charge of this harem is fond of tits and camel toes but is also partial to a McRib! Bonus time!

Attention seeker – I love it when the ceiling fan loses its self-control. Somehow I get noticed more.

Space Girl – Intergalactic sex is still sex and I’m all excited at the thought of those Klingons.

She who must be obeyed – What’s the matter, honey? Don’t you like the atmosphere?

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