Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is orgasmic

Cheeky Suki – I’m soooo naughty! The merest hint of sunshine and I flash everything in the hope of achieving that overall bronzed look (or, failing that, being fucked).

I come with the pool – Yes, dip me in water and I’ll pee or orgasm automatically. My body is just one total sensual zone.

Suki loves to be naked – My birthday suit is my favourite outfit. Who needs clothes in order to impress?

Finger me – I get restless if there isn’t a guy’s hand probing me. Isn’t that what people’s fingers are for?

Orgasmic moment – Actually it’s my semi-permanent state.

I’m fucking crazy – Excuse my existentialism but my boyfriend is about to fuck me over the balcony rail. I just have to grip these railings really tightly.

Bouncy, bouncy – I could happily sit here all day. He even lifts me up and down with a nice rhythm.

Drive it in hard – Why am I sweating when he’s the one putting in all the effort? Do I even care?

Chew me to pieces – Oooohhh, she’s got me coming and I’ll beg her for more.

Delicious pussy – Sorry, honey. I missed lunch so I’m just gonna keep munching here!

Sloppy girls – We’re both such messy kissers but if you can’t drool over your best friend who can you drool over?

Screw me into the wall – Don’t mind my screams, honey, you just hammer away until I’m well and truly nailed here.

That’s it, pixelate me – Make me as fuzzy as you want, just don’t stop fucking the bejasus out of me, buddy.

Still pulsing – Aww! My anus is still vibrating long after it has been vacated. How cute! – Just a hand or two on my butt and my cunt is ready to come out and play!

Underwater pussy – Those swirling currents make my pussy want to open wide again.

Suki is in the market – And I’m also on the market so it’s just a matter of haggling over the price.

Sex slave Suki – Blonde Me has fallen in with bad company again. I may as well enjoy it while it lasts!

My hands are nice and warm – Body painting and tantric rituals, eh! It’s all go for a busy Suki.

“Which hand do you write with?” – It looks like I’ve fallen foul of strict Islamic law again. I hope they don’t intend to chop off my clitoris. I’m finishing on a bit of a cliffhanger this time! Will I survive?

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