Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is right at home

My own branch – Yes, I’m a branch manager, folks. At least I’m managing to stay up on it in my bare feet without falling off. It feels like I’ve turned over a new leaf.

Casual wear – Vampire chic is all the rage. Go on, invite me in.

We like dark alleyways – I think she’s taken me up the back passage. Hardly a novelty, I know!

We need a third party – I know he meant me but I’m a tease. Can’t you tell?

We’ll have to make do – When there are no men about, another girl will do nicely.

The critics are coming – Give me a break. You enjoyed it at the time. Now you can enjoy reading about it.

They all want a piece of me – Most of them just happen to want the same piece – gift wrapped too.

Tight squeeze – Why is it that guys always go for my tits first when they find me tied up and helpless?

Dancing for you – He looks appealing both upside down and the right way up.

I feel electrified – The slightest movement and the current charges right through me. I definitely believe in volts for women.

I might as well scream – That’s another perfectly good dress ruined.

OK, I’ll have dinner with you – Some guys just don’t take “no” for an answer, I guess.

Take it out on me – The girls aren’t much better once they have you staked out.

Suki is a sucker – It’s important to put your all into it when sucking off a guy. They appreciate the effort so much.

Suki’s on fire – Some of the things I wear could be described as provocative, I guess.

My room is tidy – And I’m a little angel! Yea, right!

You got me, babe – I seem to be losing this particular fight. Perhaps I want to.

Cute threesome – Well, these girls are friendly!

You’re in luck, guys – I’m moist and ready.

Mutual benefits – This works well for both of us.

I’ll sacrifice myself – For the common good? No, for my own good, of course!

Kiss my ass – Give me the full facial experience, honey.

Fill me up – Being attended to at both ends, but why did I leave my shoes on?

That’s what it’s for – He’s discovered what my pussy is capable of.

You’re spoiling me – I love being in this kind of sandwich.

Fun times – Oh, this is so fucking good!

They put the squeeze on me – I think I’m having an effect on both of them.

Not a hair out of place – There, I’m too nice to touch now.

It’s a no from me – Quite enough fucking for one day, thank you!

Something I ate? – So I’ll just make an excuse and leave. I think I may have to throw up in the little girls’ room. And I may have to do it more than once!

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