Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is such a hot blonde

Sea nympho – Come on in, the water’s lovely! I just love a quick dip with the sensation of sea water lapping against my pussy and running over my breasts. Now I feel so horny. So no change there.

I’m feeling truly blonde – It has this effect on me every time I go blonde. I turn into a dizzy scatterbrain. I suppose it’s a sacrifice worth making if the pay-off is extra sexiness!

Personal service – My fans do like to stay in touch with me, I guess.

Postal service – Now this is what I call “making a delivery.”

Comfort and speed – I’m built for both but also for screaming out my orgasms.

An anal fuck – Young guys love to ride me like this.

Can’t wait to get on – Some rides are just too tempting to resist!

A night to remember – Well, a girl can’t address every issue at once. Formal introductions don’t have to come before I do!

A shock for Little Red Riding Suki – I love to dress up to entertain horny guys. It’s amazing how many of them go for the wolf outfit.

Suki is obliging – I suppose I should let guys get a word in, shouldn’t I?

Getting off early with Suki – So I was being used by the staff of the sauna to get extra time off. Who cares?

Banana in public – Serves the fucker right. At least some people appreciated him.

Girlfriends – I just met a girl named Maria. Lucky me!

Cool tits – Who spilt the ice-cream? Well, it may have been me actually.

Thorough clean – My fingers will soon clean out the parts the showerhead can’t reach.

Gypsy and me and Peter makes three – Another cute threesome for me to enjoy.

Satisfaction guaranteed – Sometimes I don’t know my own strength or at least that of my vaginal muscles.

Suki, a virgin? – Nope, not me. Never was one. Easy mistake for him to make in the circumstances so I guess I could have upped the price.

Have you got a minute? – I’m no minute girl. You’re gonna need at least a half hour to please me.

People who searched for “The Pussy Pendulum” also searched for – a huge pile of other erotic literature. (None of it as good!)

No specs, please – No one can say I’m not keen, but I don’t need glasses really. They’re just for that intellectual look.

There could be a rape here – So my boyfriend got the drop on Antonio Banderas before he could get stuck into me. Bad boyfriend!

Time for my beating – Different boyfriend, different activity. I still end up getting fucked though.

Listening to the couple next door – Being alone in a motel room with thin walls can be difficult sometimes. I wonder if they’d fancy a threesome!

Country life – Even down on the farm a girl can still get her quota of cock.

Suki is not for sale – Wanna bet?

I may be the cure – Any opportunity to make a fast buck!

Suki has a hangover – He’s not complaining, is he?

Job application – One should always be honest when filling out forms, I reckon.

Suki gets it down – What else can a good secretary do?

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