Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki plays it sexy

Two heads are better than one – For once I wish this cock wasn’t in the way of my loving kiss.

The Legend of Suki – I’m an urban legend, folks! Fuck me!

Submission – Me in my natural habitat!

Getting the angles right – Yes, I’m a slave to white penis too.

A mathematical genius – Mouth + Cock = Satisfaction.

Get in – Serves me right for losing at chess.

Fucking me – It didn’t take long for my anus to come into play, did it?

Give it to me – Just what a growing girl needs.

Keep giving it to me – That’s it. Faster!

Sixty-nine reasons to fuck – Well, this is pressing all my buttons!

I’m wet – Just hanging out, as usual.

Load-bearing Suki – Shit! He only lasted nine and a half minutes. It’s all my fault!

One suck deserves another – Reciprocal arrangements are a positive step in building a relationship, I suppose.

Porn movie casting – I love to help out a fellow actress whenever I can. I’m a true professional.

Suki is the perfect pony – Why don’t they stop farting about and just lead me to the donkeys. I’m here for big dicks not fucking skipping ropes!

Suki is well-trained – Yes, I’m the perfect fuck-puppy too. There’s nothing like being versatile, I always say.

The perfect fuck-puppy – “Woof ” is such a useful word. It can mean almost anything. For me it has the connotation of “Fuck off, you bastard!”

Even Sukis must pee – Do I pee to ensure that I get beaten? Perhaps, subconsciously, I just want to get my master’s attention by any means at my disposal.

I thought we were friends – Some masters just go too far though. The dynamite and timer are his idea of a practical joke. Do you see me laughing?

You’re not the seven dwarfs – My two friends and I would appear to have struck it lucky!

The cops are on my case – That woman police detective was nice. I still get a Christmas card from her.

I love Paris – Just because you take me to Paris and give me flowers, buddy, it does not mean I’m gonna put out. Oh, alright, it does!

I’ll make eyes at you – I can be sophisticated when I want to be. See!

Come over here – Don’t be shy!

Nude but not rude – Well, how’s about it, honey?

Don’t you want me? – What’s not to want?

Like a knife through my heart – Rejected again! Well, I’ll be ...

On cloud nine – Back to sophistication mode, I think.

Bathroom selfie – I’ve still got it.

Sexy Silken Suki – For some reason this outfit appeals to Japanese men (with me in it, of course).

Baseball Suki – Is it worth one last pitch?

Rear entry Suki – Ass anyone?

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