Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s blonde ambition

Suki through the keyhole – Whatever way you choose to look at me is fine by me, just as long as you look at me. I’m definitely a spectator sport!

Only the fucking model – It was a casual remark, honey. Don’t take offence. You have your job to do and I have mine.

Miss Suki in a class of her own – Yes, they’re very advanced for their ages, these kids. I guess Peter will go into stand-up comedy when he grows up.

It’s nothing serious – What is it with psychiatrists? If you give them the amunition I suppose they’re gonna use it against you!

Dining out with the boss – It’s inevitable that I’m gonna end up in the sack with him so I might as well get the most out of it.

Just a little warning, Suki – Now he thinks he owns me. Well, perhaps in a way he does.

Not exactly a Rolls Royce – I’m one fast car too expensive for this guy.

A late night misunderstanding – Sometimes I’m on automatic pilot, I guess. I’m so accustomed to doing what men want me to it’s almost second nature.

It’s important to look where you’re going – And where I’m coming! If you’re devouring my pussy I demand accuracy and floodlighting helps with that.

Compliments to the barman – Yes, red wine does wash away those inhibitions pretty quickly and even more quickly if I had any!

Friends should share – Fine! But I’m nobody’s property, remember!

Handy men – Where would I be without them? Well, one has to fill one’s days somehow, doesn’t one?

Hear me from the garden – Why do I scream when I come? Actually it’s from pure ecstasy but no reason to let him think he’s my sole service-provider!

Caught in the act – Variety is the spice of life as far as I’m concerned.

Helping the police – I always help out when a cop asks me to.

If you can’t rise to the occasion – Probably best to stay at home and save on the admission fee.

I can take a hint – This guy is subtle, isn’t he? Still, if it works for him it can work for me.

The power of suggestion – So I didn’t even get paid, the clever bastard! I wasn’t in his power through hypnosis, just through trickery.

One must look one’s best – It’s so important to make a good first impression, don’t you think?

An even tan for Suki – Another guy who reckons he owns me. Still, he does have a point about tan lines.

Working at sex – Some people’s sexual appetite  is greater than others. The secret is to find someone who can match yours.

What are they doing? – Teaching by example – it’s what I’m famous for!

Suki needs a few minutes – If there’s one thing I know it’s how to pull, though usually we’re talking seconds rather than minutes.

Suki is a fun ride – My bedroom is a bit like Disneyland sometimes! All those Mickey Mouse men in search of a good old “Donald Duck”!

Tuck in, honey – Usually I don’t even bother with the chocolate.

Your cum tastes so good – Wow! I got most of it in my mouth this time!

May I stroke them? – This guy was admiring my fantastic pair of cuties and asked if he could get hands on. I thought he meant the dogs too.

Missing sex – I wouldn’t really want to be permanently blonde. Well, the dye does munch away at your brain cells, doesn’t it?

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