Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, that blonde again

Two black cocks for Suki – This is as good as it gets for your Suki. I’m in a massive cock sandwich and loving it.

Fuck me, guys – My cheerleading team becomes animated on the sidelines as I’m well and truly fucked.

Cock worship – The great God Cock with me on my knees in front of him.

Stuck in the middle – I’m not sure who the guy behind me is, but he’s welcome to join the party.

Sustenance – Just to emphasise the point that I do like white cock as well.

I guess I’ll play along – Yes, some white guys have massive dicks too. Who am I to refuse them?

A happy pussy – I’m in control this time and don’t I know it!

Now this is a cock – Some dicks are just on another planet, but they seem to reach all the way into my mouth back on Earth from across the Universe.

Give it to me rough – There’s a certain sexual frisson from being taken roughly.

I must not be cheeky – Oh, punish me! I’m bad! But I’m loving it really!

Firefighting makes you hot – Or is it just me? I seem to be stopping the traffic here anyway.

I’ll give you a thong – I must remember not to lean too far forward when I’m on stage. It’s a long way down and so easy to lose one’s balance.

Suki’s twin obsessions – Black cock or white pussy? Decisions, decisions!

Who can tell me what this is? – It’s a pussy that wants to come out and play!

Getting below the surface – Any place you can eat pussy is a good place for me.

Spanking session – No, she hasn’t done anything wrong. I just enjoy holding her like this and slapping her cunt and ass until she comes.

Suki is hot today – I guess it’s my civic duty to share my breasts with the general population.

True love – My lips I keep for “the special one.”

Lick your Suki – Where would I be without a tongue caressing my pussy?

Rubber cock time – Oooh, I’m titty-fucking a strap-on rubber dick. Does this make sense to you?

The girls take a beating – Well, this game certainly got out of hand. Honestly! Give some people power and they’ll abuse it.

Whack away – At least somebody is enjoying this.

The crack’s good – I suppose it brought Blondie and me closer together so some good came out of it.

Suki’s revenge – Ah, this is so sweet!

Sexy blonde bitch – Why am I smiling? Because I’m being fucked!

A very public fuck – If there’s one thing better than being fucked it’s being fucked in front of an audience who cheer when you scream out your orgasm.

Suki is his bitch – The joys of a six inch tongue!

One thing leads to another – I know my place. It’s off to the kennel with me!

Yet another threesome – But first I’ll stop off at the dolphinarium to let those intellectuals fuck me. They’re better swimmers than me too.

Kneel before me – After all that submissiveness it’s about time I asserted myself, don’t you think?

The perils of being a dominatrix – Oooh, that smarts! I’ll just be sexy without the whip, shall I?

These guys endorse me – Thank goodness I’m in submissive mode again. It’s so much easier.

Never trust a Frenchman – A trowel handle? There’s a first time for everything, I guess.

It’s because I is blonde, innit? – No, I don’t know how that hole in my leggings got there!

Fucked in the ring – Boxers! What are they like? I love a work-out at the gym, me.

Missing your dick – I think I shall be making that call on speed dial pretty soon.

Captured in Africa – These tribal women are preparing me for something. Wait! Shouldn’t I be the quarterback!

Suki and the cannibals – Of course, they didn’t eat me literally. I’m far too valuable for other things.

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