Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki to the rescue

In my element – Here I am again in a love sandwich between two guys. Needless to say I’m wholly satisfied.

Suki gets her share – I can recognise giant cock a mile off, so I followed this guy into the men’s room to negotiate a time-share.

Golf anyone? – He won’t lose his balls on this course, just their contents!

Bathroom blow out – What a refreshing mouthwash! And I get to soak afterwards.

I need a seeing-to – It’s hard work for the thigh, knee and ankle muscles but it’s worth it.

My early morning treat – An ideal start to the day for yours truly. All my holes need a good flushing out.

Calling on Suki – I seem to have gone all sub-continent. When the doorbell rang I think I pissed in my sari.

What to not wear – Maybe I should have just answered the door rather than speculating on what to be seen in.

Just dropped in – How to make cheap x-rated television – part one.

Anal rape live - How to make cheap x-rated television – part two.

Spider girl – I can see a pattern developing here.

Workstation fun – A cock in the asshole at work soon has you thinking about a pay-rise.

Up the ladder of success – Sucking the boss’s cock could become a full-time occupation for a girl like me.

A little misunderstanding – One should never judge people by what they choose to wear, should one? But, like everyone else, I do.

South Seas Suki – My never-ending quest for quality cock continues.

I shall not want – I can always rely on these guys when my boyfriend is out of town.

It’s addictive – A constant supply keeps me ticking over nicely.

Size does matter – Ah, the Alpha male always gets the best chicks and I’m no exception when it comes to selecting sexual partners. A big dick wins hands down!

Something to chew on – After a couple of hours my attention span does begin to wane.

He’ll finger it out – A classroom at the Sex Academy where you can practise your hand-eye coordination.

Devouring Suki – I’m at the mercy of this delightful pussy-muncher. I hope she leaves a tip!

I’ve found a pussy to lick – The tables are reversed and I can feast on some piping hot genitalia.

We make a lovely couple – An after-dinner cuddle to rest our tongue.

I’m the main course – Now I’m on the table as part of the gourmet fare. I really hope these guys make a meal of me.

Suki gets hot for canine cock – It’s my duty to look after all my pet’s needs including satisfying his sexual appetite. I’m a recreational outlet for him.

I’m feeling horny – And he’s a recreational outlet for me as well.

Suki to the rescue – It appears that I’ve exhausted the possibilities with this guy. I’m sure there’ll be another one along in a minute!

How low can I sink? – Sure enough! It’s no time until I’m being fucked in the bathroom by a guy I just met moments before at a neighbour’s party. I love what they’ve done with the mosaic tiles!

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