Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sweet Sapphic Suki

The measure of my ass – Gypsy is digging deep here in search of buried treasure. In the foreground is what she has turned up already.

Inflated view of myself – Gypsy and I photographed by a camera fitted with an “Idealistic View” lens.

Naughty girl – It looks as if I’ve been gnawing the stuffing out of the sofa again! This girl is just incorrigible.

Insatiable Suki – I’m also insatiable and like to chew on a moist vulva. You’ll never tear me away from this one.

Open wide – Do you like my full-on dental nurse technique? Why use a brush to clean your teeth when my tongue will do it for you?

I’m keen – I’m determined to get those last few stubborn food particles out.

Good morning – Ah, fresh breath is the reward for my labours.

Library encounter – Next time just stamp my books, honey.

A girl on top of her game – I don’t know why I kept my socks on really.

In depth probe – Thank goodness someone is attending to my needs.

Complete clit care – Attention to detail is so important in a relationship, even a spur-of-the-moment one.

Attention to detail – I just love a nice clean anus to lick.

Quite a mouthful – Fill me up, buttercup.

Nice smooth tummy – Like most bitches this one loves her tummy rubbed.

Lick those lips – Oooh, a nice bit of hot tongue for breakfast.

Suki, the Navy Seal – Of course, I’m not an actual seal. I just pretend to be one to impress people and I’m rather convincing too.

Thanks for the pussy – I love presents, especially ones that clean themselves.

Grab that blonde – Whenever I go blonde I like to make it worth my while!

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