Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The temptation of Suki

Scrumptious man-meat – Honestly, you’d think I had never been fed! There’s just something that clicks in my head when a guy shoves his penis in front of my face.

Explode in my face – It’s a feeling like scoring the winning goal in the Cup Final when all my sucking and squeezing, licking and kissing pays off and a guy shoots his load into my mouth.

My kryptonite – Stick a cock in my pussy and your power over me is total. I just dissolve into a mushy pool.

Nun taken – I just don’t seem to be able to give up the habit! On my knees with a big black cock to drool over and I’m half way to heaven.

All the President’s men – It’s so wonderful for me to be able to serve my country.

He’s one of the Temptations – A dick like this will get you noticed and I’m noticing.

Suki knows everybody – By their cocks ye shall know them!

Suki sees a shrink – I’ll swear Blondie gets more like me every day. Anyway, a psychiatric boyfriend is better than a geriatric one, I reckon.

No ride for me this time – If I’d known it was a hen night I might have stuck with it.

It’s the gypsy in me – Italians, eh? You can’t trust them. Best to just love them and leave them.

Instant feedback – I generally love an audience but I’m not sure about a blow by blow photo montage online.

Suki’s World – I always give in to temptation, especially in Paris by night!

Full price Suki – Nope, you’ll not get me at a knock-down price. I’m the original first class deal all the way.

Repetitive strain injury – Fuck! This never happens to me. So why did it happen here?

So near and yet so far – Sometimes I’m oblivious to what’s going on around me. Maybe it’s just as well!

Fucking WonderSuki – Oh, yes, honey. Don’t wonder, just fuck!

WonderSuki shows how it’s done – I think we’ve got just the right rhythm going. She must do too.

WonderSuki at work – I’m a “straight-to-the-pussy” kinda gal!

WonderSuki – It seems I’m not the only one.

Ecstatic Suki – Oh, this is the fisting I’ve been waiting for.

Drool away – I’m sated.

Feeling good – Coming is such a stress relief template.

Naked clash – Dancing class just took a turn for the better, folks.

Pussy power struggle – When push comes to shove.

Clothes maketh the Suki – Well, one just has to adapt to the conditions.

Life is a bed of roses – Sometimes it can be, I guess, but always have your ass at the ready.

Raped by a neighbour’s dog – It still shocks me how some dogs just go for me. It’s as if they know instinctively I’m bitch material.

Fucktabulous – Somehow threesomes just seem to work for me.

Hit girl Suki – Freeze! I’ve got this covered.

Sad Suki – Trust me! I have a nose for this kind of thing, though obviously not here!

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