Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Three cheers for Suki

Another happy reader – I just love compliments, me. Keep them coming, guys.

It’s gonna cost you – Flowers are nice but they don’t pay the bills, do they?

Suki in disguise – No one could possibly recognise me when I wear this mask, could they? It just transforms my whole appearance rather like glasses do for Superman/Clark Kent.

In the dark room – I don’t know who this guy fucking me is, but he’s good at it alright.

Hungry pussy – Please feed the pussy. Pretty please!

Broken dreams – Well, that romance didn’t last long. It was over before it had started, the Porsche, I mean.

Eye popping – Sailors can really do it to me. Just like this.

Let me talk you through this – My pussy can have that effect on a moustache. It sucks the testosterone right out of guys.

Blind date – My charms don’t work on everyone, it’s true.

In the drawing room – But clearly they’re working on this illustrator. He’s just putting himself in the picture.

Hairy moments – I’m tangling when I should be tingling. I’m obviously lacking German engineering for my hair.

More hairy moments – If you’re going to gobble me up, this is as good a place as any to start.

Pleasuring the Mexicans – It’s gonna take more than tortillas to cheer up these two.

It’s all a fix – Yes, why shouldn’t I arrange it so that I get fucked every night? The sooner the Sheikh gets fed up with me, the sooner I’ll be able to leave his harem!

Miss Suki shows her class – My parental incentive scheme is a model of its kind.

You don’t have to convince Suki – Some guys will go to any extreme to win an argument but I’m happy to swallow bucket loads of cum as long as it’s from the right guy (NB not you, Gary).

Suki on the sofa – I seem to be curious ... orange.

Chocolate fudge – We might as well be messy, I guess.

The soda siphon is fucked – But this is a great substitute!

Drink from me only – My pee could easily be mistaken for Champagne, I know!

Suki wants cock – But not just any cock. It has to be big and athletic.

The private patient – Here I am working as part of a close-knit health care team. We really do care ... about the money.

Special treatment – You do get what you pay for!

Expert nursing care – We’re both highly trained specialists in our field.

Sex therapy – Four to one seems a fair staff to patient ratio.

Working as a team – This patient is showing signs of recovery.

Fucking is the best medicine – Yes, I’ll take one for the team!

Prognosis – a full recovery – Healed (heeled) and not a doctor in sight!

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