Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Watermania for Suki

Anyone need fluffing? – Always ready to suck cock on set or off it, that’s me! I don’t mind flashing my open pussy at all and sundry either.

Thereby hangs a tail – If you’ve got a tail it should be swished, I say.

The numbers are right – It all adds up but I have more factors to consider than any man ever would.

Suki needs rescuing – I like a man who lifts me out of the water and starts kissing me and rubbing my breasts. There’s just something about it ...

Suki says thanks – Any cock in a storm, eh! Even when not drowning I like to get hold of one of these.

I love an audience – It’s a real turn-on when people watch me having sex.

I like this cock – And I lick it too.

I’ll bend over backwards for it – Yes, I’ll do anything for dick!

Poolside remedy – My hand-eye-mouth coordination is superb!

Fill me up, buttercup – No matter the location. Just grab me and do it!

Don’t drown just yet – Stay afloat for me, honey. At least until I’m done.

Let me have it – I’m a fuck-me-anywhere kinda girl!

Tempted? – Yes, there is a little of the alien about me, I must admit.

Stripper at work – But at the end of the day my tits are bigger than my eyes after all.

Bisexual heaven – I’ll happily go either way in front of a camera.

Making it spicy – This pussy tastes much better than any pizza ever could.

My daily quota of semen – Wooo! I’ve been grabbed again and am about to get my come-uppance. Lucky me!

Suki, the wank doll – Thank goodness my cunt is popular with the guys. Mushy, mushy me!

Luxury – Oh, isn’t life tough sometimes!

Sugarsweet Suki – Sometimes I’m even too sweet for myself. It’s at times like these when you really have to grab me and fuck the sugar right out of me, guys!

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