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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

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Banging Suki – OK, I have an eager pussy. It needs to be constantly squelching. So lock me up for creaming!

Happy New Year – If my eyes are watering then my ass must be taking one for Team Me. I suppose one should start the year the way one means to go on.

Riding high – Something has gone to my head and I don’t think it has anything to do with these clowns.

Rhythm method – Equilibrium at last!

I’ve been tinted – As long as my pussy is happy I don’t care.

Optimum presentation – The tits have to be just right.

Splashdown – Well, bless my cotton socks. We have a result!

Toilet training – Unorthodox teaching methods, I must admit, but they seem to be working.

Trouble ahead – I think I’m dreading what happens next.

I’m doing my best – This is more me, but still under pressure to perform.

Our best friend – Well, everyone knows that I love animals, including the animals!

Giving me a lift – A guy who can multi-task – now there’s a novelty!

Thumb therapy – This is the only massage I need.

Private health insurance – There is something to be said for it.

Hello, Pharaoh honey – I love cosplay and being photographed in front of Egyptian posters.

I love the night – Your blood or your money, honey. Your choice!

Top off – Whoops! I’m displaying my wares again.

Triple pussy – If you have any sense you’ll choose the one in the middle.

Savage Suki – I think I need more than a phallic symbol today, boys!

Form a queue – Well, this is my kind of lunch break.

Staff canteen – I’ve got to keep my employees contented.

Instant karma – Exotic sex slaves are always the best.

You lift me up – I’m liking where her other hand is.

Sexy yoga – My pupil is a fast learner.

Girl talk – What’s better than a lesbian twosome? A lesbian threesome.

Gypsy, the pirate – See, you can have sex on an old toboggan.

Touchdown – It looks like we both scored in the tub.

Reverse gear – I have a feeling Mr Rick Shaw reckons he’s pulled us both and is now taking us home for some shank redemption.

Honesty, the best policy – No boss could resist blonde Me.

My tits can sing – If they get wet before or after midnight there’s no telling what they might do.

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