Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A different class for Suki

Sex manual – Now that I’ve read about it I want to do it. It looks as if I’m ready. I wonder if my students are.

Dirty photos – Yes, I’ve done my bit for porn, erotica and effective shampoo.

Teen licker – My vage is there to be licked, nibbled, eaten even. The younger you turn to vagetarianism the more proficient you will become.

We love Miss Suki – My favourite pupils giving me their full attention.

Remote control – Those electronic signals seem to be getting through to more than just one model today.

Ruling the roost – Some asses were made to be whacked and establishing the boundaries of discipline is a key skill.

Sex education – A live demonstration is the most effective way to put across the essentials to students.

Classroom experience – I’m glad they are cheering us on.

Rough lesson – The principal gave me a few pointers on lesson plans.

Hard desk – This kind of encouragement is good for staff morale.

Follow the arrows – Oh, yes! When education works it really works!

Fuck me – Time for the students to have a go.

No homework – They are mastering the basics so deserve a reward.

Living from day to day – A double period may not be long enough to let everyone try.

One in the eye for me – I can cover anatomy as well as sex education in one lesson.

Action station – The principal goes over where I may have gone wrong in respect of learning outcomes.

I’m hot on the kitchen table – The caretaker is getting above his station. I guess word gets around.

Same again tomorrow – I’ve got to sharpen and hone my vaginal skills for the week ahead.

Size matters – And so does hair colour. I get the best results when I’m blonde.

Honesty the best policy – I regard it as my duty to support promising students.

Such a way with cock – You simply can’t beat BBC.

Finger me – The principal has caught me running in the corridor again. I’m a bad head girl!

Hands on experience – The vice principal should not feel neglected.

Clear the board – Some people like to make a clean breast of things. I prefer my ass to do the job.

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