Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Beating Suki

Suffer bitch – A portable scaffold for the girl who is going places.

You got me – Looks like I’m not going anywhere soon.

The dungeon in the basement – Don’t you dare brick me up in here, guys! Guys?

Double whipped – My only hope is to fall through the dodgy floorboards.

In the woods – I’m OK as long as these trees don’t move further apart.

Bum note – Fuck me! Is this guy accurate!

Reverberation – At least I know who I’m dealing with – the guy from Phantom of the Opera’s coal-mining brother.

Pussy whipping – Thank goodness my left hand is taking some of the pain.

Reflex action – Most of these shots are straight on the pussy.

That’s sore – I’ll try blocking him with my ankle.

Stop that – Best to crawl away, I guess.

Another blow – My right hand is no match for him either.

Swing hard – I thought being a moving target would make it more difficult.

The treatment – They want to withdraw me gradually from the beatings.

Reserve striker – Oh, no. They’ve brought in a reserve to start again.

Purely belt her – There must be a better way to earn a living!

Naughty girl – Fuck! You can swing a cat in here!

Back attack – At least they’re giving my ass a rest.

Taking turns – German Army training hasn’t changed much over the years.

Tummy trouble – Couldn’t I just do yoga instead?

Tit whack – Somebody wasn’t breast-fed for long enough, I reckon.

The next door neighbours – They seemed such a nice couple when I first met them.

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