Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Bisexual beauty Suki

Rocket launcher – I’m giving this lethal weapon a good slap as part of my campaign message of free love and sex for everyone. Well, not actually free in the sense of no money changing hands, of course, and not exactly for everyone, just for people who are nice or rich or both.

Cock over here, please – Yes, and it has to be this big, guys!

All my bracelets – A cock as thick as my wrists will do nicely, thank you.

Going all the way – I have hidden depths. Of course, I have.

Powerfuck me – On water, on land – it makes no difference as long as you fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.

Enough small-talk – I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.

Caught in the catacombs – One must be ready to cater for all tastes and fetishes.

Finding the way in – Some guys don’t need a map. They just know instinctively where I want them to go.

Sauna duty – No matter the location, I’ll be there!

Entertaining the boss’s son – A good secretary needs a whole range of diverse skills.

Coach trip – The rural bus service in Spain is so fast and efficient and so fucking friendly.

Fast and loose – Boy, am I glad this guy ain’t the driver!

Building up speed – Right now the other passengers are applauding.

Elevator attack – This happens to me all the time. I wonder why!

Oh, Game of Thrones – It’s great to have the TV all to oneself with no men around to interrupt the plot development.

Smack your Suki – Yes, I’m usually up shit creek with a paddle. So much fun!

I can’t lie on this – I demand a mattress at the very least.

Sukitep’s solution – Sometimes any dildo will do, when you’re desperate.

Milking time – Farmers do have things tough, I guess.

Milk break – I need to replenish my supply.

Suki’s slumber party – Harmony and cooperation achieve the best results.

An apple a day – Seems to be keeping up a good atmosphere in the classroom.

Tease me – This is going well.

Loving the floorshow – Life must really be a cabaret.

A fist for Suki – Well, what else did I expect? Honestly?

Locker room queen – You’re going to enjoy this if it kills us.

Gather round – So eight of this hockey team are open to exploring their sexuality.

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