Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Celebrating Suki

Ass reveal – This is my ass reveal for the new season. Two golden globes will guard the clandestine cunt whose inner folds will, purely by coincidence, match the pink of my miniscule frock. Note the child-bearing hips/love handles and the left-hand signal indicating a change of direction to any followers who might otherwise be confused.

Long live the USA – Idealised all-American girl Me complete with phallic symbol and rope for tying up my men. I’m a hot back-to-nature Suki here.

Seaside Suki – The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean form the backdrop while I await the delivery of fresh supplies to be parachuted in from the nearest US airbase.

Suki in the sun – It did not take me long to acquire a teen girlfriend plus a guy and his dog for when I tire of pussy.

Splashdown – Just try to keep me and my genitals out of the water!

Breast stroke – I easily outpace one man and his dog.

Speedy Ramirez – Well, go eat frogs’ legs if you want to.

Hey, Mr Sandman – It’s those golden globes again.

Anus expanding exercises – My personal trainer just showed up out of nowhere.

Girl power – We might as well just enjoy the ride.

A random babe for Suki – As a bona fide superheroine I feel an obligation to fuck everyone I rescue.

Joining the orgy – Once you’ve found the location of the nearest orgy it would be rude not to attend.

Lesbian heaven – Nope, there are definitely no men here. Thank goodness.

Orgy fatigue – When you’re fucked, I guess, you’re fucked.

Suki entrapped – You never know who you might meet when you’re out and about.

Pounding on the patio – Well, the Daz challenge seems to have worked again.

Web of deceit – This will certainly cure my arachnophobia.

Payback time – It’s the only humane thing to do in the circumstances.

Cockatorium – Encouraging one’s fellow workers opens up a sure-fire direct route into management.

Trident tested – I would toast myself if I thought I could get any hotter.

Papa bear – Who says interspecies relationships can’t work?

Something to crow about – I got the bees on my side too.

Quick sale – ‘Cause I’m worth it!

Lower away – I never did like galley kitchens even before this.

Suki pays her debts – My rescuers forgot to take the noose off me right away. Silly them!

Reviving experience – We are determined to resuscitate this guy if it kills us.

Three against one – Yes, he seems to be reviving nicely.

Getting my share – Hours of fun to be had with this toy.

A quickie – I suppose I am a public convenience too.

Bar made – Barmen are generally sympathetic to their customers’ needs.

Meet the neighbours – Our new next door neighbours are such down-to-earth people. We just knew instinctively where we stood with them.

I don’t like fuzzy people – Call me old-fashioned but I am averse to people who are pixelated.

Never cheat on Suki – Especially when I’m wearing an all-black outfit.

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