Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Grab Suki while you can

Three is company – We gave her a ring and she came round.

Togetherness – It’s so good to have close friends.

Team work – We just seem to gel together.

Come for me – My caresses may be helping.

We couldn’t wait – Sometimes it’s alright to skip drinks and get straight down to it.

Linked in – They seem to know what they’re doing.

Fly me tonight – Things have really taken off. I thought they were going to throw me in the pool, but naw! Something better came up.

Made to submit – I didn’t think my boss could be this masterful.

Spanked hard – I’m sure I deserve this.

Squashed Suki – I think the idea is he can put me in the boot of his car afterwards.

Beaten for pleasure – All I said was – “Fancy a game of Chinese checkers?”

Brush with a blonde – I’ll not borrow her hairbrush again without asking first.

Sore bum – Is it any wonder?

Friends forever – This is more like it.

Dance to the beat – Great atmosphere in this club.

Stroking Suki – She loves my hair!

Blonde on top – I love her pussy.

I love pussy – In fact, I just love pussy generally as a matter of principle.

Puppy love – No tongues, honey.

Cool threesome – This three-way relationship could actually work.

Girls just wanna have fun – And we make sure we do.

Getting down to it – I ain’t moving from this spot.

Street meet – Warm and cosy for the winter.

The perils of Suki – Guys just seem to grab me anywhere.

Fucked from behind – Is fine by me.

Drive me wild – I think he’s getting through to me.

Did not make it to the bed – We almost got there.

Comfort zone – Everyone needs a comforter.

I’ve arrived – I do like to make an entrance.

Can’t start without me – I’m pretty much in charge here.

The Suki Service – I like to be genuinely appreciated.

Stop Suki – I promise I’m not a serial killer. Honestly!

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