Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Love will find a way for Suki

Shy dancer – There. No one could possibly recognise me now. I can be as sexually precocious as I want.

Suki’s audition – Wiggling my bits is what I’m good at. If that’s all it takes, Royal Ballet here I come.

Lap dance – Jeez, these Laps are a demanding lot!

The only way is up – You gotta reach for your goals.

Move to the groove – A pity that my hair dipped into that tin of red paint.

Last veil – I hope I can loosen this knot before the music stops.

Tartan taster – Believe it or not this is a one-piece swimsuit I’m wearing.

Carnival Queen – I decided on a little something understated for my on-street dancing.

Angry Suki – Artistic differences with my choreographer have soured things.

Secretary Sukitep – She went on to marry her boss who she covered in nuts and chocolate. His name was Pharaoh Rocher.

Egyptian Barbie – All this bathing in milk has made me popular, especially with the milkman.

The perfect secretary – I’m so chirpy I’m bound to be a hit in the office today.

The boss’s treat – You want a piece of ass, you get a piece of ass, honey!

Spank your Suki – Some insecure female bosses need to tangibly demonstrate who is in charge. That’s fine by me.

Tits and ass – I’m just here to entertain you.

WWF – You take me on at your peril.

Fight night – That frock needs to be off-the-shoulder, honey.

Hotel room fuck – Here’s one for the lab.

A little help from my friends – Easy does it at the vet’s.

Get my meaning? – See my ass, fuck my ass!

I’m feeling a little horse – I’m right in my element again.

Premium cum – I just can’t get enough of it.

Donkey derby – Everyone has a special place where they feel they can belong. The longer the better.

Checking the goods – I suppose this will have to do.

Cling on – We seem to have reached a mutually beneficial understanding.

First date feeling – Pleased to meet you, sugarlump.

Taking work home – We have the whole weekend to ride together.

Nobody wants me – When it comes to love I can’t help feeling that I’m missing out.

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