Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Multiple orgasms for Suki

Sitting comfortably – That little black dress is indispensable.

Back feeled in motion – I guess I don’t have a choice here.

Feeling bubbly – This is what happens when you sit in a giant Champagne glass.

A quick flick – He must be a vampire if he can move as quickly as that.

Beach guard Suki – I guess a bathing suit is much safer with guys around.

Suki on the beach – A tiny bikini is more fun to wear though.

Feeling hot – A pose to match my mood, I think.

Flamenco ready – I’m just getting in shape for tapas.

I’m shy – Oh, no, I’m not!

In my padded cell – I should definitely be restrained, folks.

Quite a handful – Grab what you can, I say.

The orgasm hour – Still another fifty-three minutes to go and already I’m shattered.

An anal afternoon – My boyfriend is so considerate. He wanted to go to the football so he left me like this to keep me out of mischief.

Pussy pounding – It looks as if being machine-tooled has been of benefit to me.

My boyfriend is an electrician – And aren’t I grateful!

Pussies need exercise – It’s easy to work up a sweat.

Being submissive – If you don’t trust me I guess you can have me trussed up.

I’m a good girl – Yes, I deserve ice cream.

Eat me up – The way to my stomach is through my pussy.

Electric orgasms – Sounds a bit Frankensteiny to me.

Be my girl – I really, really, really know how to put on a show.

Keeping an eye on us – The guys are getting excited with us.

How to become a legend – They sure faced a top-notch firing squad.

Hair back – Wine and hair – what a team!

To my fans – A virtual kiss.

Total ass – Shake that booty.

My brother catches me – Watching porn and fingering myself. Could have happened any time. I can turn him on like a tap.

Time to lez it – Loving this hotel room décor.

She likes her temples stroked – Among other places.

Lawn order – So much for the gardening!

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