Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Smooching with Suki

Passion corner – Sometimes an irresistible urge comes over you and you just have to give in to it.

Kissing the au pair – Blonde me believes in plucking a fruit that is ripe.

Kissing Suki – I just didn’t have time to take off my trainers.

Optics on tap – A great vintage and so good for the skin, darling.

Ready for anyone – A quick change of hair colour and I’m ready for the road.

A bedtime snack – A late-night bite will never be refused.

The pillow likes me – At least I have one friend in the house.

Vamping it up – Going out for a meal can be a spur of the moment decision.

Going batty – Being cooped up in the castle for too long is not good for the mental equilibrium.

Infrared – I could be just an ordinary businesswoman.

Once bitten – There’s a cure for every ailment, I’m sure.

Fuck off, Adam – This is my apple and with a dick that small no way am I gonna let you have it.

Bikini dawn – I love a nice dishevelled blonde first thing.

Inducting my secretary – A blonde temp at the office attracts my attention.

Tongues go deep – Temps don’t have to be blonde to be noticed.

Lip sync – Well, this is cosy.

Pretty in pink – Looks like it’s getting serious.

Stroking pussies – It’s not just my neck that is enjoying this.

Satisfaction – Lovely panties but they’re going to have to come off.

Fat Suki? – Oh, no, I may be putting on weight!

Reserve ass space now – Book your spot while the going’s good.

Sharing the good things – A cock as long as my arm seems somehow so right when attached to a black George Clooney.

Crime and punishment – I guess we must be both winners.

Getting your money’s worth – I think these shackles really suit me. I should wear them more often.

Tinted love – I’m happy to be a helpless plaything but I just look so much better in natural colours.

Suki needs to be subdued – Blondie is so caring. She thinks of everything.

My kinda nightclub – These hen night theme parties usually go like clockwork and tonight is no exception.

Gypsy to the rescue – My look-alike girlfriend also always has my best interests at heart.

Just chilling – When she puts her ear to my cunt she can hear the sea and it helps her to nod off.

The perils of being Suki – I’d say it’s going to be a lot later judging by this guy’s past history.

Dating fun – Blondie arrives just in time to watch us finish off a bondage session.

Kidnapped – I’m only trying to please these guys. What are they complaining about?

Anonymous support – I wonder what he’s going to do next. I hope it involves fucking me as the bare minimum.

Just a normal day – Why is my boyfriend not turning a hair? Surely he doesn’t think I spend every day like this.

My problem – He knows what he’s doing but do I know what I’m doing?

Who has the problem now? – Well, this seems fair to me.

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