Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Spankarama for Suki

Red hot bottom – Yea, so he’s right-handed. Constipation, Mr Holmes!

Oh, sir! – Another perk of being a senior citizen, I guess.

Heavy-handed – Why hasn’t this guy pulled down my panties? Is he kinky or what?

Hard hitting – Oh, I think I’m going to pee in his face!

The dominant male – I think if I’m late for a date the guy has every right to show me who is boss.

I have no excuse – But guys can get too possessive of my butt.

An aid to memory – I have to care for my best asset even if nobody else does.

Doing me a favour – There is a happy ending, folks. I have an ass that everyone wants a piece of.

I deserve this – I’m lucky that my room mate helps train my ass when Uncle Joe is not around.

I’ve been naughty – In fact, most of my girlfriends seem to know instinctively when I need a good spanking.

Hey, baby – Some of my older female friends like to mother me. I just let them.

A dirty cunt – They’ll scrub my pussy for hours to get it clean.

Brushing up – It’s hard to beat a quick wash and brush up.

Bad PA – My female boss knows exactly how to buck my ideas up when she needs to.

Sorry for being late – My Mom, who is really glamorous by the way, is as skilled with a hairbrush as anyone I know.

A cheap imitation – WonderSuki is no match for the real McCoy.

She’s like this with everybody – I’m just in awe of my College lecturer. Boy, could she keep class discipline.

Anyone for tennis? – The regime at massage school was just as tough.

Spank me – How true this is!

It’s what my ass is for – I revel in it, honestly.

Asking for it – She got me on my hottest spot. Yesss!

The bum beat – It’s a samba, no, it’s a rumba!

Slug it out – That’s above the waistline, honey? No way!

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