Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki between a rock and a hard place

Suki is so hot – Ahh! It’s hard to beat dancing naked outdoors in front of a roaring fire. I think I’d be quite at home in a Hammer horror film, I would.

Hands down – Yes, those hands appear from nowhere and head straight for my frothing vage.

Feeling hungry – Being colour coordinated is so important, don’t you think?

The orgy planner – Nice work if you can get it! Of course, I shall be in a coordinating, managerial role, although I’m not afraid to get down and dirty too.

A tense afternoon – One’s whole body flinches in anticipation of the next strike.

Going for a spin – Around and around we go. Where we’ll stop nobody knows.

Religious divide – Well, there isn’t one really. We’re both turned on by one another.

No free Suki – So no marriage proposal there either.

I’m not fibre glass – Well, when a guy prefers his surfboard to me that makes him gay in my book.

Noisy eater – Ah, poetic justice is such sweet justice.

Chef’s surprise – Life isn’t always fair, is it?

Guilt edged sword – So, my charms don’t work on everyone. Another gay guy in denial.

A domestic incident – It was all a perfectly innocent mistake, officer.

Somebody has noticed me – Well, he looked like a punter. How was I to know?

Selling oneself short – I don’t think Blondie has quite got the hang of things yet.

Not on a first date – Yes, I have my rules, but I can bend them when I feel like it.

Lion in bed – My orgasmic sounds are legendary but I don’t expect to be outshouted.

Too many Sukis – My friends and I will do anything for fish.

At the doctor’s – Yes, he has a cold nose as well as a big one.

A committed relationship – Sometimes it’s important just to say the right thing.

Survival course – I’m not really this gullible. I just occasionally like to watch.

Free entry – Cock therapy can be this good.

Leaning to the left – We’re definitely getting along despite our political differences.

Table top rock – That’s what I like about my boss – his spontaneity.

Suki goes in search of pussy – It did not take me long to find it.

Hunting pussy – One should always start in the upper erogenous regions.

Another conquest – Then one can move on to the sub-equatorial areas.

Juicy cunt – Taking it slowly can bring tactical advantages.

Long term view – Promises! Promises! Until the next pussy comes along.

Whack me – Of course, a girl who is naughty should be punished.

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