Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki coming up

I’m always ready for it – Can’t you tell? It’s the way I walk.

I’m only here to serve coffee – What gave him the idea he could do that?

Cream, sir? – Adding a little flavour to the Nescafé.

It doesn’t take much – The merest hint of romance and I’ll drop my panties.

Give me a ride – That’s a big thumbs-up from me.

Is that for me? – It’s the effect I usually have.

Loving care – I know what men like.

There’s a fish nibbling my ass – No, I’m not a mermaid in this one but I’m certainly enjoying the nibbles.

Flower power – I’ve gone for the colourful hippy mermaid look.

Bronzed mermaid – Yes, you can get a tan underwater too.

Just floating – I know this is shellfish of me.

Time to rock – Lying at the bottom of the sea does not make me a wreck.

Meeting on the seabed – Thank goodness my friend showed up.

Roped in – I don’t think I really want to escape though.

A pathetic trick – What’s the point of a lesbian experience if you can’t talk about it?

Hypnotic pussy – You know you want to come inside me. You really do.

What have we here? – I think this is the cunt I’ve been looking for.

Whistle-blower – It’s only holding hands, for fuck’s sake!

Premeditated strike – We both knew this was going to happen.

Clubbing success – Dancing plus affection equals this.

This cunt has your name on it – I hope you can take the hint.

Suki, the Mexican Avenger – Two jugs of cold beer is easy for me to remember.

Pussy licking – How to train your cat.

Puppy fat – They keep popping out on me.

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