Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki could not be any hotter

Rear view mirror – An ass says so much about a person, don’t you think? What does my ass say about me?

Soaking wet Suki – Sometimes I try not to be sexy and fail miserably.

I can’t help being hot – Have breakfast on me.

Steamy – Fuck! I even steam up the bathroom mirror all by myself.

I’ve been upskirted – What you see is what you get!

Maid up – I’m always ready to serve and so is my ass.

Pulling rank – One way or another I’m going to get banged.

Cooking up a treat – I’m dynamite in the kitchen.

A tip for housekeeping – Dollar bills would be preferable.

Penalty declined – Even my ass requires a rest from time to time.

Young blood – My boyfriend’s son is at me again. As a relief pitcher he’s pretty good.

Anal probe – Before he stepped up to the plate he obviously got confused about the rules.

A room with a view – It’s amazing how this girl has cured my vertigo with just a kiss.

Kissing cousins – I must pass on this cure to all my relatives.

Ride me, fat boy – I knew I was somebody’s bitch.

A slave to cock – I seem to be calm but really I’m lovin’ it.

A coordinated effort – I’ve always been impressed by interior design.

Don’t want to give you up – Scrumptious!

Second hand spunk – I don’t care whose pussy it’s been in.

Pick me up from a bed of roses – Mid-air refuelling.

Ouch! – I asked for diesel but I guess I’ll have to settle for unleaded.

Right on the button – Press for service as often as you can.

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