Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki deserves satisfaction

Nude waitressing – Thank goodness this bar’s heating was sufficient to restrain my goosebumps. I loved being on show.

Keeping the customer satisfied – If I can’t have a face between my legs a dick will do.

Sexy service – A natural born server, just like my friend Gypsy. We are two black-eyed peas in a pod.

A kitchen snack – Yes, you have to be fucked in the head if you work in a kitchen.

At your service, Master – I don’t have to be hypnotised to do this.

Fire dance – Sometimes being a waitress can be so empowering.

Something fishy going on – I might as well enjoy his final moments.

The ins and outs of it – PVC really does suit me.

Bang and squeeze – Who needs a bed anyway?

Three is not a crowd – We call this team-building.

I’m pissed – And I can do the walk!

Yep – I already know I’m a bad typist but this beats working any day.

Up and under – My jailhouse rock.

Just the way I like it – In a former life I may have been a kangaroo.

Fuck me on the floor – The bathroom is fine. Just wherever you find me.

All the BBC I need – I’m back in the kitchen where the handy men are.

Comprehensive cover – I’m never calm when I have fresh cock.

Flexible friend – Exercising can be such fun.

Beach boy – Apparently on a nude beach my pussy is irresistible.

Tantastic – I hope this guy doesn’t prematurely ejaculate everything.

Ready for anything – I intend taking plenty of notes too.

Not pregnant – A mini-me is the last thing I need.

Recovery time – It’s no good. This guy is out for the count.

Take three girls – I’ll content myself with one or both of these honeys.

1,2,3 yank – Do exactly as I do, sweetie. These dresses are coming off in one go.

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