Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki goes sapphic

Anyone for tennis? – I’m wearing a thong, OK!

Have a drink on me – A cocktail that matches my cocktail dress. How cute is that?

Hip, hip, hooray – That pussy pendulum again.

Hostess with the mostest – Let me put that up for you, sir.

Show that cleavage – Somewhere nice and warm for you to put your face.

I’m here – You’ve found yourself in the red zone.

Bedroom blitz – I think she likes me.

Kissing a hot blonde – We’re well acquainted now.

Conquering Suki – This is how you do it.

Lunch – I’ll always be your baby.

Lip to lip – When vulvas meet.

Shower time – Showering together is an important step along the way.

I need it so badly – Not the wash. I mean the sex.

The flick of a finger – My tongue can flick too.

An unexpected guest – We love an audience but not one that sneaks up on you.

Pussy and dick – Not a bad combination.

A mother calls – It’s nice when a Mom understands you.

Mini ha-ha – Um bra stink like buffalo.

Serious contact – I think we both mean it.

Suki, two girls and a horse – Just an everyday story in the Suki household.

Gypsy to the rescue – Every good turn deserves a reward.

Sex with Blanca – All tongues, nipples, cunts and asses are fair game.

Without mercy – Blanca really loved being beaten even more than I do.

Gift ideas for girls – Finding the right present can be so difficult.

Back in the saddle – Blanca gets innovative with the wooden horse and makes a move on Gypsy.

Such a happy time – Both of them seem determined to get me horny. It’s not so hard really.

Tomb raider Suki – My tits could be the key to unlocking this cock handle.

A taste for ass – There’s a certain spicy tang to it.

I’m taking the piss – This is so fucking refreshing!

Teen orgy – We were supposed to have the place to ourselves but I guess an audience is OK.

Yea, servants! – Slaves are so much better when they’re devoted to you.

Serious sixty-nine – An exercise regime does not have to be boring.

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