Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki has sex

The only way is up – I’m smiling in anticipation of being taken from behind by a dwarf, preferably the one out of Game of Thrones.

Welcome to Suki International Airport – Whoops! Ryanair flights have been delayed again. They’re in a holding pattern at the moment but at least one will have to be diverted.

Call me Miss – Today’s lesson will cover how to iron a satin blouse and a leather skirt.

Suki has been a bad girl – And then some! I think I’m best suited to giving students sinning lessons.

Suki and the wolf – This is as impromptu as it gets. What the hell! Just fuck me anywhere.

The ice-bucket challenge – Now he tells me! Oooohhh! I’m freezing!

The only cure – I think this may only be reinforcing the problem.

The Chairman’s only perk – I guess he has to have some little pleasure in life.

A working girl in Paris – My nipples are radiating out the message and the folks at the next table seem to be receiving it loud and clear.

A quickie in the alley – Not all the sex I had in Paris was glamorous.

Phone sex with Suki – Yes, I do have a tendency to drop things deliberately.

College boy cock for Suki – A fresh target for my scantily clad charms.

Take off your clothes – Wow! The proportions seem just about right to my untrained eye.

The big issue – Everyone at the office seems to know me so well.

One helluva spit roast – I’m going to unite the generations in the best way I know how.

Rip roaring fun – It won’t be just my hairs splitting!

Lips to the rescue – What would I do without a friend to comfort me?

What are my orders, sir? – Having indulged myself in a lesbian interlude it’s time for me to be dictated to by yet another man.

A change of outfit – I seem to have a way about me that can please men.

Worship slutty Suki – Yes, it’s the best place for a boss – at my feet!

Jungle fever – When it’s hot and steamy I generally succumb to the ambiance.

Rough threesome – These guys have no consideration for the salad in their sandwich.

Propping up the bar – I think my clothes have shrunk in the wash again.

Testing 1, 2, 3 – If only I could find the right formula to prevent me from bursting out all over.

My boyfriend’s son – Sometimes I probably do flaunt myself a bit too much. I know the kid appreciates it even if my boyfriend does not.

Pillow talk – Discussing it with a friend in bed seems to help.

Nurse Suki is at hand – There’s nothing quite like a freshly scrubbed penis. What a scrubber I am!

Today’s special – Moist pussy should be on offer every day.

Blurred lines – You have to be a quick change artist in this game.

My dumplings are steaming – A coating of sticky semen will slake their thirst.

Wishing you were here – Another call, another wank for someone out there.

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