Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is blonder than blonde

A kiss between friends – What could be more natural? Is this how you make a Venetian blind?

No panties – Who needs them?

The tits have it – Wanna suck?

Jungle cunt – I’ve cleared this area specially for you.

Being prepared – This pussy is ready for anything.

I am an oil painting – I’ve had to pose so long like this that my pubes have regrown.

Bondage ready – My wrist- and anklets are in place for you to spreadeagle me.

Robot whores – I see high-tec sadism is your thing.

Hot threesome – Thank goodness my friend has the wit to distract me from the pain in my ass.

Getting stuck in – We seem to be getting somewhere.

Kitchen role – There isn’t a room in the house where I should not be fucked.

Drink and shower at the same time – So refreshing!

Lunch – I’m ravenous for pussy.

Dildo date – Hard but rewarding work.

Wet pussy – Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do, irrespective of location.

Nurse Suki – My suggestion for the new NHS uniform.

Party girl Suki – One should always choose one’s men to fit the mood of the moment.

A blonde moment – Well, I had to think of some way to keep him restricted to the bedroom.

Class act – Kids eh? Even eleven year olds are sexually aware.

Game time – Why mess around when you can go straight for the goal?

A blind date – So, my expectations exceeded the reality. Often happens that way.

Still life – Different folks want different strokes.

A musical interlude – If a guy can’t conduct himself in line with public demand then he’ll never have a hit, will he?

Suki, the rep – Sometimes undressing to impress is better, I guess.

That’s one big cunt – Smart ass neighbours I can do without.

Ankles away – On a cruise one has a captive audience and the variety is great, but there do have to be favourites.

For whom the bell tolls – Yes, give me a pole to dance around and no matter where it is I’ll go wild.

Size does matter – And outward appearances can be deceptive.

Phone business – True story, folks. I was that hooker.

Phone fix – Yes, Big John was even better. Frustration adieu!

Hot times – No, I’d never done it with a thermos before, but my friend blazed the trail.

Room service – What’s the point of having a room if you don’t get the service?

Public viewing – It was the first time I’d been a major tourist attraction. It won’t be the last.

What a relief! – It’s being blonde that does it. One can become completely irresponsible!

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