Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is historical

Tomb raider – Gold, jewels, treasure, money. Gimme, gimme, gimme. What? I’m just a normal girl with everyday tastes.

Sukitep and her pussies – So, if each one of these cats represents a pussy she’s had during her lifetime, does that make Sukitep a) a goddess, b) a very greedy goddess or c) Egypt’s first dedicated lesbian?

An extra pair of hands – When playing the baby sitar the additional hands do come in, er.. well, handy, as do the convenience nappies in my lower left.

Suki Boop – I’ve gone for a theme here but I’m still emphasising the ultra-feminine airhead look.

The next Dr Who – Do you like my Tardis? The blending-in mechanism has been fixed.

Quick change – Yes, I can do magic. Surely you knew that.

The key to success – I’ve obviously made an impression on this guy. It’s a pity we weren’t in Florida.

Ass set – No need to tell me. I know.

Back draft – Sleeping in the nude is a must for me. You never know who I might meet in my dreams.

Cock refreshment – Yes, I’ll always wake up for one of these.

Fun in the shower – I could go on like this forever.

Shower mania – You’ll never keep me away from the bubbles.

She knows what she likes – And so do I.

Bikini buddies – We can only hold this pose for so long before we become fuck buddies.

Honey, honey, don’t stop – Ooohh! I do love a face between my buttocks whenever possible.

The next door neighbours – Well, what would you do with two beautiful teenage girls living next door to you?

Fucking together – And a good time is had by all.

Pleased to meet you – Often the best place to meet a new guy is when you are under him in bed.

Pained expression – Sprayed with cum while having my asshole wrecked – just another day at the office.

The lickmaster – He forced me into this. Honestly, he did.

The probe – Of course, this I did willingly.

What now? – Why is life so complicated sometimes?

Duty calls – The Doctor will see you now. Funny, he was here in the flesh a moment ago.

Misty for me – Another smoke-filled room, same stripper.

Standing out from the crowd – Well, anyone with me is bound to.

Mime time – The best invisible desk mime you’ve ever seen, right?

They’re not bad – If these tits could talk …

Curtain up – Marvellous what you can do with a few postage stamps and some thread.

Blonde freeze – The dancing had to stop sometime.

Too late to say no – An earlier refusal would have been impolite.

Soaking Suki – Fucking rain in Spain! It’s not falling on the plain here!

Nautical smiles – I appear to be colour-powered.

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