Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki on top

No sliding on the banisters – Perforating should get the message across. He’s here for a different kind of fun.

A taste of the whip – Is it the touch of my boot or the sight of my naked breasts giving this guy an erection?

Suki loves you – My special clients get to chew on my spurs.

Have a break – I’m not a complete bitch. If some guy has to pee then so be it.

Hairy moment – At last, a dick that knows what it’s doing.

Quite a mouthful – Oooh, I am a messy eater!

The joy of cock – It’s good to share.

What men are for – This seems reasonable.

Sand in your face – Maybe it is mean, but I couldn’t resist kicking sand in the face of a nine stone weakling.

I can resist no longer – Another random stranger succumbs to my charm offensive.

Done with love – She knows I love her and this is my way of showing it!

A pussy must be licked – Her way of showing blonde me may be better!

Select four – We’ll swap in a minute.

Naked embrace – I think we’ve both got it right this time.

You are bad – Whoops! Back where we started.

I’m in command – Do we have an understanding, honey?

I’m in charge – I shouldn’t have to repeat myself, should I?

Mistress Suki – Don’t worry. I’ll brush your hair later, sweetheart.

That’s your tip – Of course, I do it deliberately.

Wanna join us? – Well, this looks like fun.

Hot ass – I’m just nipping out to post this letter.

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