Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s busy life

Hot shower – How unusual is this? Me alone in the shower?

A clean-up for Suki – Ah, this is more like normality for me.

Is this submissive enough? – I don’t see how I could be any more compliant.

Pony training – I’m sure we’ll make a great team!

Official nibbler – He has a direct line to my ear-piece.

You’re next, honey – They should probably start a line as soon as possible.

Lip sync – Come here, my Botox buddy.

Unveiled – Is this what you’re looking for?

Windy city – Huh! The invisible man is at it again.

Piece of cake – Of course, I’m fabulous in the kitchen.

Leggy lady – I’m fabulous everywhere, honey.

A lie in – Another artist, another oil painting. Where do I get the energy from?

Out of it – Is it just me or is something psychedelic going on?

Neighbourhood watch – It’s my duty to my fans.

Dungeon fever – Sukitep just never stops, does she?

Hanging about – Awaiting my pleasure or will it be your pain?

Throttled – Give me a song now, bitch.

Suki is a whopper – I can dish it out as well as receive it.

Poise control – Elegance of movement has to be taught to some people.

Any tickles? – Ken Dodd has nothing on me when it comes to tickling.

Haircut 100 – This salon provides a happy ending for every client.

Getting down to it – I love it when a queue forms for me.

Intimate penetration – I’m absolutely determined to get into this girl.

Sixty-nine – No wonder Cliff Richard is shocked.

Hello, Sandy – Minimalist swimming costumes are all the rage.

Settling up – She’s paying me what I’m worth on behalf of her husband. Very civilised.

Glamour girl – Some characters, like this one, get stressed about the level of my fees.

Load-bearing Suki – I’m just an alleycat who appreciates her Toms.

Suki’s best client – It’s good to have a few regulars you really get on well with.

My hot waters – I much prefer to breast-feed than be pissed on.

My magic hands – It’s the little extras that can make the difference in a long-term relationship.

Caressing cock – I might as well let him know that I’m enjoying it.

I am “sex-on-legs” – I also must be a bit of an enigma to him.

Marriage on hold – I couldn’t possibly get married right now. I’m far too fucking busy or busy fucking.

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