Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s secrets

Ride me into the pillow – Here I am again being pounded in my favourite slot. A woman’s work is never done.

Stair crazy – You name the location and I’m happy to be fucked there – any position you fancy.

Getting the stares – I can also use stairs for their normal purpose, though I still get stared at when I do.


An artist’s dilemma – Bunny Me can think of a lot of ways to use this implement. I know where I’d like to stick it right now.

Suki bunny – Yes, this Champagne is fresh from my hutch.

A Suki tutorial – I’m happy to tell anyone who will listen about my sex life. Pin back your ears.

Gardener wanted – Mow me please before this skirt gets too long and covers up my not-so-secret places.

Wet for you – Naked and wet and waiting for someone to pounce. Don’t take too long to think about it.

Inspecting the goods – The great unveiling is usually a seminal moment.

Call me Sophia – I seem to have provoked a reaction but that may have been just his mobile sticking out.

All over in a flash – I like a man who gets straight down to the essentials.

Satisfied customer – Well, he was even if I wasn’t. There’ll be plenty more opportunities for me later on.

Combined effort – Two of my favourite things – cock and holding hands with my girlfriends.

Ready for the warden – No, I’m not a prisoner. It’s just that the guy in charge of the jail likes to use a cell when he has booked me for a session. Kinky or what?

A spot of bother – I guess I’m a prisoner now. At least there was an airline handy. I suppose I’ll be released when this underwater fuck is finished.

Waiting for Godot – Oooh, the anticipation is unbearable. Luckily the electric dildo did its job because the French guy never showed up.

Personal trainer – Ah, the gym! This is the only way to exercise.

Canine capers – An enthusiastic dog can be so much more fun than a man sometimes.

Au pair Suki – Childminding is not my thing. I had to take this guy’s kid to school when I really should have been out looking for clients.

Tit takeover – If you squeeze them they get bigger. I don’t know why.

Fresh milk – My definition of contentment – right here.

How about now? – The disco floor is a great place to meet adoring fans.

I’m a vagetarian – The salad was OK but it’s hard to beat a fleshy treat. (By the way she’s not my Mom!)

Taking the piss – A face full of pee is so refreshing right about now.

Laid back lesbian – It’s wonderful to have no other choice than to be ravished by a hottie.

Perfect ecstasy – I love to place myself into the hands (and mouth) of an expert.

My curtain call – My pussy takes a bow to thunderous applause.

Please make it a big one – You know when you stretch out on the beach with your ass in the air and hope that the next cock to come along will be just right for you …

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