Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki says fuck me now

Begging for it – Get out your dicks, guys. I need to chew on bones not chase after sticks.

Fuck me now – The desire for sex can be so overwhelming sometimes. It’s just impossible to control it.

Hard going – Ahhh! That’s better! Relief at last!

Hunger games – Oooh! My two favourite things – cock and pussy!

Sukitep satisfaction – Meanwhile, back in Ancient Egypt the needs of my ancestor are being attended to.

Anal attention – Yes, I know you’re there, buster.

Anal attitude – Waste of a cute pussy, I’d say.

I’m all ass – My cunt needs you.

I’m only here for the multiple orgasms – Really bad eczema but otherwise a decent fucker.

Suki in the driving seat – It’s hard to beat the taste of cum.

A threesome postponed – If I have my way it’ll be for a very long time too.

Suki offers herself – Of course, I can talk with my mouth full. I’m multi-talented, me.

A spunk dunk – I could not be more accommodating.

Sharp exchange – I’m not just as friendly with everyone I meet.

Silver Suki, Superhero – Well, at a film première one might as well make an impression.

Getting naked – I’ll soon dispense with this flimsy outfit.

Suki sex doll – Lovely, but the real thing is even better.

Chained to love – We may have to raise the bar or park our cunts somewhere else.

Suki delves deep – So what else can you do in a hotel room?

Red seduces me – She didn’t have to try too hard.

Dental treatment – If only all trips to the dentist were like this one.

Anal-pussy combo – Once you start you can never stop.

Lustful cravings – I blame the electric toothbrush for all this, of course.

Web fun – When I update my website or reply to e-mails I invariably finger myself.

Suki minding her own business – I’m just strollin’ and chillin’.

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